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It’s Monday, so naturally I thought I’d take this time to give you a quick wake up call.

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Seacret Update: We have a couple amazing people we’re in the works of partnering up with for Seacret overseas, as well as putting in countless hours on the website.

Now that I’ve given a short update, since in fact you are following my journey and deserve one, I want to talk about something that has been on my mind.

What I wanted to talk about today is something that pisses me off like crazy.

It’s this lazy work ethic that is going around that absolutely has me disgusted.

I don’t understand how people, especially in the last week, can watch horrible things happen like the UCC shooting and think that they will just wait until the moment is perfect to go after their goals.

What the hell is that?!

Those victims went to school that day, chasing a goal, not knowing that the day would be their last.

For myself, it’s already hard enough to not be on the grind constantly. But I see SO many people out there, that live their day the same way they spent the last 365 of them, and the same way they lived years before that.

Nothing changes unless YOU do.

Nothing changes unless YOU do.

Let me explain.  When you were a kid, you had dreams.  You wanted to be an astronaut, a famous, actor, or really rich with a mansion that looked like the White House with a black Porsche parked in the driveway.

What made you stop wanting those things?  Was it life?  Did “reality” hit?  Well, not to burst your “feeling sorry for myself bubble,” but you create your own reality.  You set your standards for your life which sets the standards of your work ethic.

The truth of the matter is TOMORROW ISN’T GUARANTEED. If you have goals, truly, then you should be taking every waking breath as an opportunity to get you that much closer to what you want.

So, dig those sad old goals out of your basement and stick them up on your bathroom mirror.  You’re going to need the motivation.

Here’s a reality check: It’s Monday.

For a lot of entrepreneurs, we love this date. It means new goals, new week for a fresh start to make it better than the week before. Too many people are living their lives as if they have so much time to “experience life” before they start taking it serious.

The thing I absolutely REF– USE to do, is have something life-threatening happen to myself, look back and say I didn’t give my time on Earth everything I had. Heck no!!

Truth is, you beat out millions of sperm to live a meaningful life! Today is the day!

scotty p

Take it from my boy Scottie P here. He lives his life with absolutely no regrets, or ragrets… and you shouldn’t either.

Now, if you don’t feel you have any goals worth going after, then we need to work on that. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting there is one. I couldn’t imagine living a life where I didn’t constantly have something I was chasing.

I can’t stand seeing tragedy.

Second to that, I can’t stand seeing people wasting a perfectly good life.

We only get one, and I hope this was the refresher you needed.

If it’s not you that should be reading this, because you’re a go-getter who reads all my stuff, then pass this along to your friend who’s still asleep on his couch at 1:30 in the afternoon. I can be the written intervention your friend needs to get him or her to stop wasting their life.

Let’s go over today’s lesson:

  1. Today is Monday.  What are my goals?  Am I going after them?
  2. If not, I must stick my goals to my bathroom mirror on a sticky note, printed picture, or taped paper.
  3. If I am, I can pat myself on the back and join Jesse in the journey to seven figures.

And I’m not kidding.  Find some time today to sit the hell down and figure out what it is that will make you happy.  Don’t be scared to say that what you currently have isn’t all you’ve ever wanted.  Have the courage to not settle for mediocrity.  Your life is counting on you.

Here’s your to do list for today.  Fill it out.  You are welcome.

Anyway, hope this was worth the read! Make sure to like, comment, and or share! Peace out!

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