Seacret Direct and Why the Belvins are Back


Wow, after almost a thousand readers in a little over a day, I needed to get this next post out.

There’s almost too many people to count wanting to know the details on Seacret and why we’re back. I keep getting asked if it’s a company that should be looked at, so here is your answer.

We chose to go back to Seacret for MANY different reasons.  Seacret is now a little over 4 years old, and in 2014 had the number 1 percent growth in the industry. Obviously most of you know Seacret is famous for the huge skin care line that comes from the Dead Sea in Israel. What you might not have known is the products have instant results. During this post I want to break down not only why this company is, in my opinion, the best company to join right now, but also what the heck a guy like myself is doing back in  skin care.

Lets start with the products in general. So many people get involved in companies based off hype. The beautiful thing about hype, is it can be attached to anything. You can take a piece of dog shit, add a comp plan, push the timing behind it, and make it a network marketing company. Here is the problem. In order for your company to last, one of many reasons anyway, there needs to be products that are not only unique, not only discounted, but also that people would want to buy WITHOUT a business opportunity attached to it.

Why is this important?

It’s important because in the 4th stage of network marketing which is referred to as the stability stage, after the momentum period, there will come a time in your company when people aren’t lined up out the door to join. I like to point out usually around this time to the company Amway and the fact it’s still the biggest network marketing company in the profession. Amway is the biggest not because of its payout, which is relatively light in comparison to the field, but because they have so many loyal customers in over 80 countries. You see, its the customers that will carry your company to the end, not the timing seaking distributors. Now if you were trying to join that business, it’s safe to say even your grandparents missed the boat there.

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Now, back to why Seacret’s products are so good. Not only are they instant results, which does a lot of the heavy lifting for the distributors when demonstrating the products, not only are they healthy for the skin, but they also did over 1 billion dollars in sales out of kiosks in the malls since 2005. Now, what that shows is people who are shopping, usually who are trying to avoid the kiosks all together, still bought over a billion dollars worth of products without a business opportunity attached to it, AND generally speaking at a 65% marked up retail price. What this means to me, is that not only are the products demonstratable right on the spot, but that people will buy these for whatever price and not even need to join a business. So back to the 4th stage of network marketing, this would indicate that the products will still be purchased by the consumer, at 65% less than the retail price long after the opportunity has lost it’s spice.

Hopefully you’re staying with me on all of this so far. Next, I want to talk about the timing. Everyone says they have timing. The reason I get so fired up about Seacret’s timing is because MOST companies in network marketing don’t get outside of the first 5 years. For reasons such as lack of customer-distributor ratio, lack of funding, the owners never having real intentions on making it long term, failure to get product approval international etc. Now, everyone wants to find that company early on enough to make a fortune, but also not so early to where they have to deal with all the start up bullshit.

With Seacret, like stated before, it’s just over 4 years old. The company already has product approval in over 4o countries, and has only launched 4 countries, with 3 others in prelaunch. The countries you currently have access to building in, are the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and soon to be Germany. Now, a lot of people might be saying they aren’t concerned with international business. I’ve actually talked to friends in the industry who pitch timing inside their 40 year old company that can’t expand passed America and Canada. The reason it’s SO important to plant your flag, not only in a company that can expand into that many countries, but BEFORE it actually launches that big, is because only 17% of network marketing is actually done inside the US. Most of the income is generated from Asia, and South American countries.

This is one of the reasons we’re so fired up to be back. Seacret is solid, experienced, VERY profitable, and still has amazing timing. The United States is very wide open, and it’s always important to start building in your backyard, but don’t limit yourself.

I can sit here and talk about Seacret’s leadership, compensation plan, and all that stuff but I won’t. Everyone thinks they have an amazing compensation plan. Seacret’s pays out around 65% on the dollar, and their leadership is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve mentioned before how my wife and I, as well as our team are allowed to have weekly dinners with the CEO and top leadership inside their homes, when tons of companies won’t even give people 1 on 1 time with their corporate unless it’s at a business event. They treat them like Gods among peasants and we should be lucky if they even come within 50 yards of us.


The last thing I really wanted to talk about is retention. Retention is huge because like stated earlier your customers are what will carry your business, not the distributors. Usually around this time, I’d pitch how everyone bathes, everyone uses shampoo, deodorant, soap and blah blah blah. I won’t go so much into that. What I do want to say is look at what you’re pushing right now. Forget passion for a second. Just ask yourself, did you, or a large group of people you know, utilize the products or services, or anything close to it BEFORE there was a compensation plan attached to it? Remember, the reason I’m saying this, is because after you lose timing, and it will happen, will a large amount of people continue to purchase what you have month in and month out without wanting to build?

That is why we love Seacret. Not only is their retention absolutely ridiculous, but it’s very hard to find someone out there that doesn’t either bathe, wash their face, have acne, eczema, psoriasis, sore joints, faded tattoos, wrinkles etc. The best part about it all, is in skin care, when you find something you like, for an affordable price, you generally speaking, stick with it. You continue to buy when you run out, and you don’t usually question it. This is why skin care has such ridiculous retention in network marketing.

Anyways, I hope this kind of explained in a nutshell why we decided to come back as well as a bunch of other reasons. If you want to know about Seacret’s comp plan or are interested in getting flown out here to Arizona to kick it with us and the Seacret family, message myself of my wife and we can talk further. My wife and I built a massive organization before, and will do it again. I had plenty of people that told me no, or said not yet, and missed out on our last run. Hopefully those people won’t make the same mistake twice! Here’s to the launch, and the pre funk to your retirement party. HOLLLLLLLLLLLA!!!

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