Why My 80 year Old Grandma Can Out Earn You in MLM

What the heck is up, sports fans!? Yes, I am finally back.

THREE different times I tried to post SOMETHING.. ANYTHING.. but kept getting caught up with work, life, shitty diapers, etc.. etc.. and completely spaced on actually putting something out for you to read. I honestly don’t even remember the last time I wrote something..but if I had to guess, it was that delicious article about curing the notorious skinny fat guy syndrome, so if you haven’t read that, do so after this.

What have we been up to?

My wife and I have been building business, traveling, building more MLM business, parenting, more parenting, some even more parenting, and now it seems the cycle is about to repeat itself oddly enough.

Oh, and of course my wife has been feeding her shopping addiction.. but why the hell not? Our MLM business has been booming, especially after the new partnership of MLM’s, Mynt and Jeunesse, which has made things absolutely incredible. Never did we think when teaming up with this company were we going to be getting backed by such a giant as Jeunesse.

Now, that I’ve caught you up to speed, I really want to talk about something important. My goal today is to hopefully educate a few of you in the same profession as I on today’s blog.  This is solely so that some of you shit heads can stop hitting up my inbox talking about timing this, and comp plan that. I’m going to talk to you about the most important, most underrated thing in all of network marketing that some how got lost amongst all the bull shit, full of fluff MLM companies that have come and gone in the last few years: The love of the products.

I know what you’re thinking, “products? Yeah yeah, sell me more fluff, dude.. Listen, I got into network marketing to get rich.. products are for customers.”

Yes, yes, I know how you feel, I’ve felt the same way.. but what I found is that… hahaha how many times do you get feel, felt, found by your up line to the point where you’re like,  “Hey dumb ass, you taught me this.”  Oh, just me?  Must be why I switched deals.. among other things like actually wanting to like the products I’m pushing.

Any who..

Products are SO important to the future of your MLM company, and most people can’t see it nor care to see it. Now, when I’m talking about products, obviously I’m including service based companies as well. Why is it that a 45 year old soccer mom, with 3 kids and a job, can find the time to hit six figures part time from a network marketing company regardless of the timing in the company? We’ve all seen it, all scratched our heads in amazement at it… and now I’m going to tell you why.

Network marketing is about word of mouth advertisement. Communicating with people about the products or services. The reason average people can ignorantly hit high ranks in MLM companies, is because they actually love the products, and NATURALLY share them to their friends and family, because they think it can make a difference in their life. My wife and I got blasted for leaving a company that has “the best compensation plan” by different leaders. Those same leaders I’ve watched sit down with Avon reps who have been in direct sales for 5 years and haven’t made a nickle, and yet still the Avon rep won’t budge. Why? There’s something that they aren’t taking into consideration… the love of the products!

One of my best friends left an MLM company he worked hard at for 3 years, pioneering it from the very beginning. He joined an MLM company that’s over ten years old, and arguably has a less favorable compensation plan. His response was he loved the products. So many people think it’s money, money, money, and that is one big aspect to this profession. But if you’re selling bullshit that you aren’t fired up about, and it’s stacking up inside your bathroom, living room or garage, then you become a sales person, which is what we’ve always been told not to do.

Erika and I are at Mynt for multiple reasons. The big one is because of how amazing the products are. The system that was created by Mark McDonald is super simple for the average person to not only get hooked on, but see massive results in their first week.

How do you know you’ve found a good home based off of products? The answer is when you’d consume these products without the business opportunity attached to it.

So the next time someone hits up my inbox leading with compensation plans, leadership, or my personal favorite, timing… remember that we don’t sell, we share. If the only reason you’re involved in the network marketing side of a company, is because you get to build a down line, then you will get beat up in this profession.


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