Seacret, We’re Coming Home


This will without a doubt be one of the most important posts I do. Yes, we are back home with Seacret Direct.

As many of you know that have kept up on this site, this has been a busy year for the Belvin family-

We’ve got our TUGRAF clothing line getting super close to being released, launching a coaching service, I myself have been studying on binary options every night for the last couple weeks, and of course, our network marketing business. Even though all of those are exciting, it’s the network marketing topic I want to talk about tonight.

As you know, I’ve been building inside the profession for three and a half years. I spent my first three years building with a company called Seacret Direct. My wife and I discontinued with them in early January of this year. There were a few reasons on why we left, but ultimately it came down to just wanting to move on to new ventures.

We got involved with a health and wellness company, and immediately crushed it. It was like we had never missed a beat during the transition. I was nervous at the time because it was a big leap we took, leaving a company that we loved so much, to go to another. It turned out to be a good move at the time, and everything was on the up. That company however, to my dissapointment, was sold a few months later to a much larger company that didn’t really mesh with how we do things.

The day I found out that the company had been sold was one of the hardest days of my life inside the profession. We had a great group of network marketing maniacs on the team, and EVERYONE was crushing it on all cylinders. After feeling like I had been kicked in the nuts hearing the news, then spending the next couple months watching what looked like an inevitable merger was taking place, we decided to inform our team and move on. Every time you inform your people of situations like this, you risk losing them while transitioning somewhere else. Erika and I have known this, yet have never let that stop us from doing what was right, and disclosing the information that we knew.

I knew Erika wasn’t fired up about anything she saw outside of Seacret inside the profession, but we decided to partner up with a couple of my friends and help launch a company called Disrupt. Disrupt is a start up company with HUGE potential. After kind of going back and forth with everything for a while, we decided this really wasn’t for us either. For multiple reasons, it just didn’t have what we were looking for. That’s not to say it’s not going to be a good company, but if it doesn’t match what we’re looking for we won’t build it.

We had spent the last couple weeks taking our foot off the gas a little bit, while deciding our next move. Do we leave the profession for a while, to avoid being labeled hoppers? Do we join another company that we feel will help our team succeed quicker? What do we do? Then, out of the blue, my wife got a call from one of our good friends. He really wanted to catch up with dinner a couple weeks ago. I didn’t really know what to expect with dinner and what was going to be talked about. You see, this guy happens to be like family to us, and happens to mean the world to Erika and I. I used to think people joined business’s because of comp plans, products, timing, positioning etc. Then, as the saying goes, then I met Izhak.


We went to dinner with Izhak Ben Shabat, and it reminded us how much we missed Seacret. I don’t regret a single decision I’ve ever made, because it’s all somehow some way brought me to where I’m at in my life. Even leaving Seacret probably needed to happen for multiple reasons at the time. We left, had a couple goals, accomplished them, and then found ourselves in the position we were in a few weeks ago.

Dinner was amazing, and it was good catching up to the CEO that made me believe in this profession. When my wife went home after that meeting, we discussed what kind of legacy we want to leave inside this profession, what sort of goals we wanted to accomplish, and what kind of people we wanted to be surrounded by. We never really had that same feeling we used to have when building inside Seacret. After writing down everything we were looking for, for ourselves, our team, and our future, we decided the next and final move was pretty clear. We’re coming home!


kc call and elena call with erika belvin and jesse belvin at Seacret convention


With that said, I want to let everyone know that we are so blessed to have been apart of some of the companies we got to work with. I have only good things to say about those opportunities. This decision was a very important one for us to make. It was more than  the comp plan, more than the products, more than the international opportunities the company offers. It’s something much, much bigger.

Izhak Ben Shabat, Jesse Belvin, and Hannah Belvin at Seacret Shabbat

Izhak Ben Shabat, Jesse Belvin, and Hannah Belvin at Shabbat

Everyone says they have leadership, they have the best products or services, they have this and they have that. Here is what I know:

No company has Izhak, or the Ben Shabat family.

It became clear to us that Seacret was the right move not just for us, but our team as well. We’ve decided to team back up with our friends Joseph Valenzuela, and Jesse and Patricia Macpherson. We are very excited to not only be partnered up with some of the profession’s top earners, but to be able to take the company with the number 1 percent growth in 2014 to the top of the profession. I have never felt so right about a decision in my time spent building business.

We want to make this clear, we have not talked to anyone outside of a couple Seacret leaders about this move. This decision wasn’t based off any promises, hype, or off any of our team saying they’d come with us. In fact, I wanted everyone to find out together, so they could see why we decided to come back. We don’t care that we have to start over, and build from the ground up. It means that much to us to be involved with such an amazing company, that we are determined to go crush every accomplishment we did our first time around.

In closing, I do want to wish everyone who’s in another company the very best. However, do make sure if you’re in my inbox, that you know we aren’t open or for sale. This decision was based off something no company can offer us.

I want to thank EVERY single person who took time out of their day to read this post. I want to thank everyone we were partnered up with in some way shape or form in the last 7 months. Erika and I accomplished big things in Seacret the first time, and are coming back with unfinished goals that we plan on surpassing!

If you’re reading this, and you’re in Seacret, we promise we will be seeing you all soon!!

Listen to the recording with Joe Valenzuela and I here:
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Enter Access Code – 660638
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