The Truth is You Don’t Want It Bad Enough

The Truth Is You Don't Want It Bad Enough

ENTREPRENEUR APPARELHow’s it going! I’m fired up and ready to dive into a really exciting post. I’m writing this Sunday night, instead of watching the shitty NFL game that’s on.

We had an absolutely incredible week which I’m sure, if you’ve subscribed to our website, you know. From TUGRAF t-shirts, to record breaking blog posts, to my friend Julian Doan throwing it down with a guest post last Friday, it was truly an incredible week.

Now that I’ve got all of the positive stuff out of the way, I want to get serious for this post. As you can tell from my title, this is going to be about whether success is something you actually want, or if it’s just a feel good topic you like talking about every now and then.

The truth is, not everyone will be successful. Some people just don’t want it bad enough.

want it bad enough

When I think about where I’m at, where my family is at, two things come to mind. The first is I have come so far in my journey, even before this blog. The second, is that I have so much further to go. You see, that’s what a successful person thinks. They don’t forget where they came from, BUT at the same time, they aren’t satisfied.

The truth is, taking days off makes me sick to my stomach. When I used to just build network marketing, and only network marketing, I would make myself sick by not sleeping, not taking any time off, BECA– USE I was scared to death of ever going back to my old life. I look around, and there’s so many problems I see people facing, who are trying to escape the rat race, but are really just finding themselves in a different kind all together.

Don’t worry though! Your friendly neighborhood 7 Figure Dad is about to drop just a whole steaming pile of knowledge on your face that, if you actually take to heart, you’ll be in a better position tomorrow than you were today.


Here is my first tip. NOBODY, I mean NOBODY, is going to give you shit in this life.

Despite what people voting for Bernie Sanders think they’re entitled to, you aren’t owed a thing. Nothing. If there’s something you want in this world, YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT! I’m so sick and tired of seeing people acting like they’re entitled to handouts. Do you want to know why you won’t make it? It’s because your work ethic sucks, you’re lazy, and on my worst day I would still outwork you.

My second tip, STOP FAKING THE FUNK!

I know you’re probably wondering what the hell that means? It means stop sitting on Facebook all day, taking pictures of cash that’s either not real or not yours, sitting in front of cars you don’t own, or acting like riding on a private jet once a year is impressive or financially smart. People will put so much important time, that they’ll never get back, into things that make them LOOK like they’re having success, rather than just getting their ass off, working hard, and obtaining real success by default. Oh? You live at home with your parents but you just rented a lambo? That’s cool. I’ll let you know what my next $100,000.00 feels like.

I have more pieces of advice, but I just want to explain a few things before some of you think I’m too harsh.

You know, I get reminded of how much different I am from people when I’m doing a couple exposures for people in network marketing. I’ll tell them how much it costs to join, anywhere from $500- $1,700.00, and they’ll look at me like I just smoked meth for four days straight. It’s like, what did you expect? I was going to hand you fifty thousand dollars cash because we’re friends? I don’t care what your circumstances are, what your background is, if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

When I first started in network marketing, there were times I found myself broke, spending my last few dollars on the company event. I’ve eaten Top Ramen for weeks in order to afford personal development seminars, company products, or even traveling money so I could build business in different states. I’ve slept on couches, in my truck during the winter time, skipped days of work at my job, and even missed important events ALL so I could make it happen.

Now, after a couple years, with no real days off, I find myself in an amazing position. I’m a network marketing professional, a blogger, the CEO of an apparel line, a consultant, and soon to be a bad ass podcaster. Most of you would think with all that you’ve made it. No! It’s just the beginning of it all.

What I love about my wife is her mentality is EXACTLY like mine. No days off. We have not celebrated holidays and skipped out on gifts for each other at times just so we could put a little extra into our businesses. We’ve lived off of cheap, cardboard tasting food in order to make things happen. And sleep, sleep is something we haven’t gotten to appreciate in years.

We do this because success isn’t an option. I know that sounds corny but it’s absolutely true. I REF– USE to give my daughter ANYTHING less than the greatest childhood a kid could ask for. She won’t ever know the sacrifices that we’ve made during this time in order to give her that, but that’s life. It really doesn’t matter what your reasons for wanting success are, if you’re living each day like you have another day to live, you’re doing it wrong!

doesn't matter

Pablo Picasso once said, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

Take a moment to let that sink in.

So when I think of people, and their undeserving sense of entitlement, attitudes they carry with them, it honestly makes my skin crawl. The truth of all this is, there is no fancy way to having success. I don’t give a shit if we’re talking about network marketing, stocks, real estate, going to school, being an athlete, wanting to be a professional actor, whatever it is, it takes WORK.

Robert Horry was one of a few basketball players with more Championship rings than Michael Jordan. Just happened to be on all the right teams at all the right times. But why isn’t he ever in the topic for the greatest player of all time? Because nobody outworked Michael Jordan. You can say Jordan was gifted. But, he was cut from his high school basketball team… so what does that tell you? He had to work, and fight, FOR EVERYTHING he earned in his life. No excuses!

So as we wrap this session up, I hope that you got some serious info out of this, or at least a kick in the ass. We all need it every now and then, including myself. I just want to be surrounded by people who work their asses off, and stop lying to themselves and everyone else. The future of this planet will ONLY be as good as the work we put in, so lets start now. Make tomorrow the day you go out and outwork every single person you see. If you’re planning on going to sleep at 8:00 pm, I want you to think of someone staying up all night JUST so they can rob you of your dream.

brenden tieger

Lastly, I’m excited to announce our next guest blogger for The Friday Happy Hour will be Brenden Tieger! This kid came into the network marketing scene around 2 years ago and absolutely took over! I’m excited that he’ll be providing some awesome value on Friday, so don’t miss it!

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