My Take on Dressing for Success in Network Marketing

We’ve all heard the phrase, dress for success, right?

The other good one is, act as if.

Act as if essentially is telling you to act how a successful person would act, and you’ll start to see better results. Obviously, appearance would fall under this saying.

I want to write this quick blog post to give my take on dressing for success in network marketing.

I do think it’s important to grow in this industry, to act as if, but not necessarily when it comes to the way you dress.

I remember I did an in home event a few years ago, with around 12 guests, and I absolutely crushed it!

I wore a nice suit, had all my lines memorized, showed the products, did the demonstrations, and did it all perfectly.

Guess how many people purchased or signed up from that event?

Well, you can probably guess that because I decided to write about this, that the answer was actually, 0.

I remember being so stunned by these results.

The woman I was doing an event for, was a 6 figure earner in another company, and had asked me to come suited and booted to her place for her event.

She was making more money from her company than I was from this one we were both in, and I wanted to make sure I kicked ass at her event.

Well, obviously things didn’t go well.

So what did I learn, and how can I apply it to today’s lesson?

I learned one of the number one keys to bringing in new business, especially recruiting, is that you want to be relatable.

Remember, people you’re showing your business/product/service to, are most likely very busy.

Chances are, they’ll be asking themselves if they can do what you’re doing, as well as you do it, on the side of their current schedule.

This goes with everything, dressing up included.

Now, I’m not telling you to never wear a suit and tie, if that’s your thing.

There’s always a time or place.

But, my go to move now is to be as normal as can be. I want people to feel comfortable, and confident they can do what I can do.

A mentor of mine once said just dress one level above your audience. Find a nice balance.

Conventions, big events, and other special occasions, I’ll rock out something nice.

But, always remember, one step above your audience, and try and me as relatable as possible.

Let me know what you thought below, and make sure to share this bad boy.

Until next time, peace out!



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