The More You Talk the Talk, the Less you Walk the Walk

What’s happening everyone!?

I wanted to keep the posts coming!

So many exciting things happening in the world of Jesse.

Just got done with a big meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona that, if I choose to take, will not only add another stream of income under my belt, but put us MUCH closer to that goal of 7 Figures!!

Right now I’m just kicking it at home, trying to get some work in before I rock an in-home event tonight with one of our distributors.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy in my life.

I really wanted to write this post, not only catching you up one what’s going on, but also getting to talk about something that is crazy to me.

I’ve been in business for about 3 years and over that time have realized something astonishing.

Some people just don’t either want, or deserve to get rich.

There’s a famous phrase that’s said multiple times by leaders in this profession.

The people you think will do good, won’t.

The people you think won’t do good, will.

What I’ve realized is that some people are just lazy as shit.

All day long, all they do is talk about what they’re going to do.

Go look at their threads.

It’s filled with talking, watch what I’m gonna do’s, wait on it posts, and about EVERY shortcut trying to be performed as possible for the soul purpose of avoiding real life actual work.

There is NO shortcut in business.

I am in NO way the best network marketer, entrepreneur, business person alive.

I was a good athlete when I was younger, but definitely not the best.

The reason I’ve succeeded at almost everything I’ve touched is because I balance the “work smart” with the often skipped “work hard.”

I honestly want to bitch slap some of the people I come across that tell me all these big things they’re going to accomplish, how they’re going to break records, have the no 9 to 5 lifestyle, do this, do that… and at the first sign of adversity, they crumble!

One of the people I learn from every day, Gary Vaynerchuck talks about one of the biggest problems in entrepreneurship below that I REALLY hope some of you listen to and take to heart.

It’s only 2 minutes, you can handle it.


This post wasn’t designed to hurt feelings, it’s more so just my attempt to wake some of you up and really address a problem that has plagued our profession.

You have to actually grind.

You have to actually put in work.

There’s so many people trying to talk their way to the top in this “sexy time to be an entrepreneur” but eventually like clockwork get exposed for being dog shit.

When you partner up with me, the first thing I’ll tell you is you’re going to have to put in work.

In home events, online, coffee shop sit downs, WHATEVER other way you can think to build, you have to go hard.

Just because the sun goes down and the moon is out doesn’t mean you stop.

The reality of it all, like stated above, is not EVERYONE will become rich, and not EVERYONE deserves to be rich!

Focus on your why, work hard, work smart, be coachable, and lastly don’t be a bitch.

Life is going to hit you sometimes, and I’m telling you now that you’re going to have to prepare yourself for that reality.

Hopefully, you’ve picked someone to partner up with, or a mentor who’s open and honest about what this profession, or business in general is really about.

Can you have fun?


Can you travel the world?


Can you make millions of dollars?

Wouldn’t have titled this whole website the way I had if I didn’t believe it.

Just remember though, there’s no shortcuts to success.

If there was, EVERYONE would be doing it!

Hope you all enjoyed this little diddy from the city, and as always.. like, comment, and share this post and I won’t create a voodoo doll in your image! First rounds on me!!


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