Smart Home Technology MLM: Its Not Me Its You

Yes, I’m moving on.

This could be a nasty break up, but I have a feeling it will all be good.

I have been with this project for almost 2 years now.

Here is what I’ve learned…

  • Doing something you’re not passionate about blows.
  • In MLM, when you join a company for a product or service, make sure people are already buying that product and its not something you have to convince someone on, like a new concept.  Even though smart home technology is turning heads, a lot of people don’t have it yet and need to be educated on why they need it.  This is not the best way to maximize your time in the MLM industry, go for products/services that people are currently using.
  • Take a good look at leadership.  A leadership that is not unified always comes crashing down.  I’ve now witnessed this more than once.  This includes investors.
  • Never join a company where the owner/founder does not have a “no-sales clause.”  This means they can sell at anytime and who lucks out?  The owners, the investors, and most likely not you.
  • Investors make things messy in MLM.  You want a company that is not in debt to investors because then they are able to control the company, and if they have no experience in MLM, again this is another thing I can say I have experienced more than once.  I was also warned of this by a previous 7 figure MLM leader.

I don’t want to spend time talking shit about the company or the owners. What I’d like to do is focus on the positives.

I’m moving on, to something I’m actually excited about.

I’ve been in this bubble for a while. As a founder in my now previous company, I wasn’t allowed to build any other companies, and I wasn’t allowed to do what I’m really passionate about, coaching.

You see, back at the beginning of last year, I was full-time on 7 Figure Dad. I was doing internet marketing, and coaching people on how they could turn a real profit from behind their laptop.

When I got into smart home technology, a lot of that had to take a back seat.

Well, I explain pretty clearly why I’m moving on, and what I’m moving onto right here…

I know… crazy right?

Well, the good news is, I’m finally, after 2 years, building something I’m truly passionate about. At the same time, I can finally get back to what I know…. helping people win online.

I don’t want to make this post about the things that went on specifically that made me leave, because I’m not trying to use any public platform to trash a company I was trying to help really launch for the last 20 months.

If you’re reading this, and you’re not passionate about what you’re currently doing, you weren’t alone.

I suggest you don’t spend another minute wasting your life.

If you’re reading this, and you’re wanting to figure out how to make money online, click here and lets schedule a free consultation! You’ll be so glad you did!

For all the Enagic people out there, I’m excited to really change lives with you all!

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