How to Set Up a Network Marketing Workshop

network marketing workshop

In 2014, I set up my first Network Marketing workshop with my wife Erika.

We were with my first network marketing company, had a ton of momentum going, and wanted to help pour gas on the fire out there in Colorado.

I remember the first time my wife said, “hey, our team in Colorado needs us to come out there and run a workshop.”  I pretty much almost crapped my pants.

Sure, I’ve spoken in front of large crowds.  That wasn’t the issue.

See, I was the guy who came to the party, never threw the party.

I was, and still am, a total blue on the color chart. I love to kick it with people, but hate to be responsible for the “setting up” part.

And there it is.

“Throwing the party” or running a workshop can be stressful to think about.

There is coordinating with several people, the expenses, the stress of selling the tickets, the stress of delivering an amazing training while managing a team of people to make sure everything is going smoothly, etc.

Luckily, my wife is the event planner out of us and it actually turned out to be an epic success.

Granted, there was some behind the scenes things that went down, but isn’t there always a few hiccups along the way?

Thanks for having us out, Colorado !

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Booking the Event

The Hotel– Always call around for pricing and deals.

The Date–Saturdays work best for workshops in our niche and is usually the most popular date.

The Event Page

Belvins Workshop

We used ticket hook ups so people could purchase their tickets online if need be.

The Facebook Event Page

network marketing workshop

Everyone sets up a Facebook event because well, we live on Facebook!

The Tickets

seacret colorado workshop tickets seacret colorado belvins workshop event ticket

We had Fiverr make the tickets and we had Next Day Flyers create them and mail them to us.

The Material

For this specific network marketing workshop, we used a packet.

The Flyer

Belvins Workshop Colorado network marketing Event

Every event has a flyer!

The Promotion

We had the leaders promote to their teams. We held calls, promoted within our private groups, etc.

The Event Schedule

Belvins Workshop Network Marketing Event Schedule

Download the PDF here to copy ours!

The Event Before the Event-Signing in

Have someone at the door greeting people and collecting names, emails and phone number and the name of the person who invited them to the meeting.

Start on time and have one person stay at the door for the first 15 minutes to welcome any late-comers.

Click here to access the sign in template we use in Google Sheets.

Then go to File > Make a Copy to save a copy of the template to your Google Drive.

The Event Opportunity Meeting

  • Assign a host to do introductions of the speakers and hand off the mic for testimonials.
  • Involve other members/reps to give their testimony or why they even got started in the industry to begin with.
  • Edify the people giving testimonials and obviously make it relavent to their testimony.

The Event Training

We went over a duplicatable system called the S4S system as well as some next level personal development trainings. Our goal coming out of there was to have everyone on one, proven system, that we used to create our own early success with.

The Event Training Packet

Our event training packet was several pages. Our own workshop lasted like 8 hours, so the event packet helped our group follow along. It’s very important to keep people engaged if you’re doing an intensive training for that long. I’ve been on the other end of it and have always had trouble staying awake.

We kept it very interactive, and didn’t seem to have any issues keeping people engaged.

The Equipment

  • Up beat music
  • Microphones(preferably handless)
  • Projector screen
  • Projector or extension cord for laptop
  • Speakers
  • Tables and chairs(provided by hotel)
  • Product Displays
  • Extra applications and pens
  • Sign Up Sheets

So this network marketing event, obviously was from a couple years ago. But, it still holds true today.

If you aren’t getting people together to help them break through their plateaus, you will never get them to that next level. If you can’t get them to the next level, they’ll never take the baton from you therefor forcing you to ALWAYS be that guy.

Duplication is important in network marketing. So is leadership development.

At the same time, so is doing stuff that makes you uncomfortable. I love being in front of the room. But, I also hate being the person who’s in charge of everything.

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