Q&A With The Self-Made Success Daniel Westby

Q&A With The Self-Made Success Daniel Westby

We’re back!

The Friday Happy Hour has a very special guest today. Our good friend, Daniel Westby!!

Daniel Westby is a millennial network marketer, forex trader, and all around bad ass! I was excited when he agreed to take time out of his day to help me with this next issue.

Here is why.

Daniel is not only young, but he’s had more success than the majority of the network marketing professionals ever see.

Already in 2016, he’s hit an income of around $20,000.00 a month, but even more impressively, he’s helped create success inside his organization.

One of the things I’ve always admired about him, was that, no matter the company, he’s able to produce leaders who not only do well, but actually out earn him too.

Think about how awesome that is.

Being such a good sponsor, that your people not only have success, but some even make more income than yourself.

This is not only a perfect example of network marketing “should” be done, but also trumps the theory that ONLY the people at the top make all the money.

He did this all by being an absolute savage when it comes to helping his people.

Lastly, the other notable thing to mention, is Daniel Westby’s famous video he dropped this year that caught a ton of traction this year. Daniel video taped himself giving his mom a $25,000.00 check to help retire her, which was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen inside this industry.

Now, I decided to throw a couple questions his way about the profession, his experience in the industry, and his opinion on everything.


What made you really take a look at network marketing?

Honestly for me, it was just looking for an opportunity, I honestly was looking for a second job when I found it! It was on a craigslist-like site and promoted something that seemed like a regular part time job, it wasn’t until I received a text-video talking about the industry that I really knew, now I almost didn’t even go to the meeting the ad was promoting, thinking it was one of those “things” but not really knowing what those “things” really meant. My mom used to sell jewelry and weight loss powder so I thought it was like that. But what really got me choosing to take a shot at it, was seeing there were people my age making $20,000 a month, and as cocky as it sounds, I just thought, “I can do that too, no problem!” I am competitive so it gave me a drive to take action.

Did you struggle when you first got started?

It actually wasn’t a struggle when I started (I enrolled almost 60 people in 2-3 months) but it was actually AFTER I started it began to be a struggle. You see, I was so focused on recruiting, I never stopped to grow myself as a leader.  And without personal development, I was a money hungry fiend. I had my team fall apart from 60 to about 10 people in a matter of a few weeks, and realized that If I didn’t grow, my income will never grow.

without personal development, I was a money hungry fiend. I had my team fall apart from 60 to about 10 people in a matter of a few weeks, and realized that If I didn’t grow, my income will never grow.

What is one of the biggest reasons most people fail to ever see real success inside the profession?

I think there is two reasons: one is the fact people fail to do what leaders do. People are too afraid to take action and to plan things for themselves, hold their own trainings, organize events, taproot to the newest person. Leadership is a lot more than posting nice quotes and getting likes and shares online. Leadership is being able to coordinate a mass amount of people to work in perfect unison to achieve greater goals. Now the second reason I believe is that people do too much MARKETING and not enough NETWORKING! If people really focused on building strong and lasting relationships their business would grow immensely and with less work needed. You need to be able to make new connections with new people in order to have yourself succeed, because if you want to close yourself in this industry (and you do) you will need to search for people qualified to do so, and who WANT to do so with you!

For those looking to become full time network marketers, what is a couple tips you’d give them to ensure they’re able to successfully make that transition?

#1. Have a schedule, and make sure your team has the same schedule. Planning is everything just like a football team has times they work out on their own, times they practice together, and times they play. Your team and you need the same things.

#2. Do events constantly. At least a few a week, let it be online or offline, meetings are the bread and butter to success. They not only help introduce new people to the opportunity, but also they help train your people real-time by them seeing how you do things and taking notes on it. I only got so good because I was always hosting or watching others host events. And I would always bring my guests to take the pressure off me to have them see the business.

#3. Be knowledgable/a Professional. People who go full time need to be VERY knowledgable about
the industry, your competition, your product, your CEOs, your comp plan, everything. They also need to act and work in a manner that can attract high caliber talent to the table. You will be able to attract to act and work in a manner that can attract high caliber talent to the table. You will be able to attract more A’s if you become an A yourself, and you’ll bring smarter people to the table if you are smart about your business. And you will bring more professionals if you yourself are a professional.

How important is personal development in network marketing and who do you recommend?

Personal development I think is a cornerstone of network marketing, just as stretching is to working out. If you go too hard in working out without stretching, you limit your growth, as well as can hurt yourself long term. Same goes for personal development, Its essentially your leadership and wisdom muscle. You need to work it out in order to be able to HANDLE the situations that will arise in your business, and will help be the main foundation for you to leap to 6 figures. My recommendation is Earl Nightingale, or Napoleon Hill, those are the ones I have listened to time and time again.

If there was one thing about the state of the profession and where it’s at today that you could change, what would it be?

Professionalism and Development. I feel the industry has a lot of top notch marketers, and builders, and recruiters, but not too many leaders or developers. We need to change that around so everyone in this industry is taught why there needs to be respect and care throughout, as well as why its so crucial to build yourself as a good person and a leader to last in this industry for years to come.

What was a low moment for you in your journey to where you’re at?

Mine was definitely when I left my first company, and a few months after that my second company
failed and shut down, and a few months after that, my THIRD company shut down, it made me feel like I would never find something I can call home long term in this industry.

How did you bounce back out of it?

Honestly, it was my team, my friends. They are the ones who all banded together with me and told
each other, that we need to stick this out, we need to not give up, because we were already in pain, so may as well get a reward from it. We chose to never give up on ourselves or each other.

How close were you to giving up?

I had times where realistically I could have just stopped it all, left Facebook, and started a new life,and there were times that I wanted to.  But like I said, that is why having a team and a family in this is so important.  They can be your support when you need it to keep you going.

How has network marketing helped you in your ventures outside of the industry?

I think the biggest thing its helped with is the part of building people and growing your ability in relationship sales. Those are two crucial parts to any business, plus most people in network marketing own their own things on the side so you now meet more entrepreneurs too!

Looking back on your journey so far, is there anything you’d change or do differently a second time around?

The one thing I would change is to do my due diligence and stick to the one thing I’m most excited about, that it’s better to take a break when things fall apart knowing you’ll come back, than to jump to something out of fear.

If people want to connect with you, or learn more about what you have going on both inside and outside of the industry, where should they go?

They should definitely go to my Facebook where I can connect with them in person! Like i said its all about making friends! connect with them in person! Like I said, it’s all about making friends!

This was an absolutely epic Q&A with Daniel Westby! If you liked it, make sure to share this Friday Happy Hour so others can see it. With that said, I hope you all have an epic weekend! Belvin, out!



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