Recapping an Epic 2016

It’s been an epic year!

It’s been so great, and busy, I haven’t gotten around to blogging in months.

This has quite possibly been my longest span of no blogs since launching this site.

No worries though.

There’s a ton of amazing updates to get to.

So, with that said…

Lets start with Jaqx.

We are a little over 7 months old now. The company is doing amazing growth wise! It’s so good, that my wife and I have decided to move out there with our daughter Hannah to help the company have a massive 2017.

I’ll be working both at the corporate office, and in the field helping really blow up the east coast and everywhere else for that matter.

Launching a company can be rough. When I mean launching, I mean literally being involved in a lot of the decision making, and behind the scenes stuff.

Jaqx Founder, Fred Stevens, told me that this would be the hardest year of my life. He was right.

With that said, things are rolling, our company is growing every day, ranks are getting hit, and we did this ALL without throwing out deals to busted, tired, played out “leaders” looking for the next company to exploit.

All in all, we’re very excited about this company, the products, the business to business affiliate program, and most importantly, the direction we’re heading in general.

Next, I want to talk really quickly about a new project that my wife and I started.

I need to be brief about this one, because there’s no reason to talk publicly about it other than just for transparency on this journey.

Last month we decided to start a drop shipping business through Amazon. I knew I wanted to get into it, and knew roughly what it was, but didn’t know how tedious it was.

I picked it up pretty quick, but my wife is the one who is really killing it. It’s nice working side by side with her on another project that we can both do from home on the side of everything else.

Our sales are up, and occurring almost daily now.

What I love most about it, is that ANYONE can do it. If you have the right training/mentorship, you can start your own Amazon business today.

Also, I love the fact that it’s not time consuming at all. There’s always gaps in our day where we find ourselves with a little bit of down time. That is usually the time we spend directed towards our Amazon account.

Our goal is to continue to grow this business, and then turn it over to virtual assistants to manage it for us.

On top of that, we are going to want to help others duplicate the success we have.

There will be opportunities for people to learn about this from us in time. With that said, if you’d like to get started now, reach out. We’ll simply point you in the right direction.

On top of that, we’ve got a ton of other projects that are blowing up. My blog, coaching business, Erika’s Enagic business, and Belvin Media. The Wealthy Network, is getting super close to being completed as well.

I know what you’re thinking.

What a crazy schedule we have.

But, honestly, it’s not that bad.

One thing we’ve done really well in 2016, was time management. We are big believers in planning our week before the week begins. This has helped big time.

Balancing Hannah, her photoshoots, our puppies, our businesses, and even family time, it’s important to know where you’re supposed to be at all times.

I would say, 2016 was actually one of the better years we’ve ever had. Not just financially, but in every category.

I know this kind of seemed like a spotty-written blog post, but there was a lot to get out, and I didn’t want to make it a 5,000 word piece.

I could talk about other things in 2016 like getting my guests posts published, ending up on top internet marketing earners lists, the money that was made, and/or the success stories that were created as a result of the people who worked with us..

BUT, it’s more important, and time saving, to just say 2016 was a great year. 2017 will be 10 times bigger.

I’m so grateful for every lesson learned, breakthrough had, and moment shared with my better half, and can’t wait to 10x it this year.

If you felt like this was worth the read, or want to share some of your 2016 stories, feel free to comment on here!

With that said, have a prosperous 2017, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Keep an eye out for January’s income report. Belvin out!

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