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Blow Up Your Network Marketing Biz Jesse Belvin

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It’s been a happy Monday so far.  I’m just enjoying the day, literally just put pants on for the first time and it’s almost 2:00pm in the afternoon. One of the things I wanted to write about today is a little side project I’ve been working on that is super close to launching on this website.

Network marketing has given me SO much and one of the things I’ve been trying to figure out is how I can give back.

Every day without fail, I get hit up by random network marketers via Facebook messenger. Some are trying their hardest to prospect, some are asking for advice, and some are being just super awful at what they’re doing. I’ve always wanted to help but to be honest have never really been huge on helping competition.

I love seeing everyone succeed in business, but am super busy. So the question is, how do I fix the problem of being able to help people succeed that aren’t affiliated with the company I’m building or our team specifically?  As an entrepreneur, you only have SO many hours in the day. It’s almost impossible on some days to even remember to wear matching socks let alone help someone launch their business correctly, especially when you don’t know the people.

Well, the good news is, I have the solution. I have been working on a coaching program that will be going live shortly. This would have been officially set to go probably a couple weeks ago but we have been slammed getting our TUGRAF line in order as well as a couple other projects we’re working on. Now, what is special about this coaching program I’m launching?

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I am not someone who promises much in business. If you work with me, I don’t promise millions of dollars. I don’t promise you can travel the world. I don’t even promise you can retire yourself from your traditional job. BUT, I promise you that I can teach you how I got to where I’m at. As far as network marketing goes, I’ll never claim to be the best recruiter, best sponsor, best this or best that. What I will tell you, is that I’m VERY good at launching businesses. I firmly believe the launching period is the most crucial and that’s really what I want to stick to as far as lending a hand.

The average network marketer tries to ball before they crawl. They don’t even realize they weren’t properly launched until it’s almost too late and boom, they quit. They have no sense of direction, no goals, no clue what they’re doing and become quickly discouraged. My 4-week program will help with that.


I will be launching a 4-video, 4-week program that will go through the basics of launching your network marketing business, as well as system building and a couple other key topics. What’s beautiful about my training? If you don’t apply it to your business, NOTHING will happen. If you do apply it to your business, AWESOME things will happen. I’ve always been taught you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I will give you the information, what you do with it is your call.

thanks for that tweet, by the way.

What I love about business, and figured out a long time ago, is that it takes money to make money. If you know me, you know I’m ambitiously lazy. I will work hard or shell out money, so that some day, I can make money and not work hard. The other day, I wanted to learn how to day trade binary options. Instead of reading books, YouTube’ing a bunch of tips and shit, I just paid one of my buddies to teach me how to do it. He’s already went through the ups and downs of day trading, and I knew this would speed up the process, as well as teach me exactly what I needed to know to get going.

Here is the best part: As you know, I love network marketing. I think the best way to share opportunity is through referral systems. My program will be NO different. If you know who in your circle could use help with my 4 week coaching program, I will be paying you, YES paying YOU to refer me clients.

So if you’re interested in this program, OR interested in taking part of the referral aspect of it, either enter your email under the work with Jesse tab, or contact me online and we’ll get everything rolling. I’m excited to announce this coaching program will start next week so don’t wait!

Thanks for taking the time to read this bad boy. As always, go ahead and tweet, like, comment, share whatever floats your boat!



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