Now Lifestyle is Here: A Parent’s Best Friend


As you know I’m back to building business 100% online.

I was helping launch a brand new network marketing company, as most of you know, that was primarily an offline build.

It honestly drove me crazy knowing that there was so much more potential if I was building something online.

2 years I stuck it out…

Gross, I know.

Well, on the down low, a couple months ago, I got hit up by a good friend of mine about an affiliate marketing opportunity.

I’ve always been a serious hater when it came to affiliate marketing. When it came to online marketing, I wanted it to be my products, and only my products.

Here was the problem…

When I used to be full time online, I had absolutely no free time. The main reason, in my opinion, was because I was 100% creating my own products.

You see, affiliate marketing allows you to make big boy money, on autopilot, minus all the time, energy, and sometimes money.

My good friend was making about 30 – 40 thousand dollars a month, and had all the free time in the world.

I was making less online, and had no free time.

Well, after about two years of trying to get this offline network marketing company launched, I knew I had to get my ass back online.

So, when this affiliate marketing company pre-launched, I knew I couldn’t pass it up.

I reached out to some friends in my circle, told them the scenario, and we decided to get involved.

This is what happened as a result….

This was just the first 1-2 week results from us and some of the team… without even talking about it.

Crazy, I know.

Here is what’s even crazier though…

The company just officially launched!

100% online, all the internet marketing tools set up for you..

It’s hands down the craziest thing online I’ve ever stumbled into.

But here’s what’s really cool…

This isn’t just an opportunity to make money online for seasoned professionals.

I firmly believe this, and affiliate marketing in general, will retire more parents than any other industry out there.

Think about it, where else can you make a social media post, do an add, or write a blog post, and see everything happen for you on auto pilot.

No selling, no in home events… nothing.

It’s remarkable. Now Lifestyle takes care of all that.

If you have a job, travel a lot, coach little league sports, this is for you.

As if that weren’t enough, this will also produce amazing improvements in your health.

Don’t believe me?

Get your FREE account here and see first hand what this online venture can do for your life.


Don’t wait.

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