Not Everyone Eats and That’s ok

Not Everyone Eats and That's ok

It’s been a crazy week.

We had to skip last week’s Friday Happy Hour because of a trip to New York. For that, I feel awful. The trip was epic though.

We officially launched Jaqx, the first network marketing smart home company. It was a crazy 3 months getting everything rolling but we’re off to an epic start. Drinks were had, jokes were told, and announcements were…. announced.

All in all, a super badass trip. It’s good to be home.

Now, onto the important shit.

I did a vlog about a week ago and it never uploaded to my YouTube.

I’m almost positive it’s because God hates me, or Youtube… or both.

Anyway, I finally got it uploaded.

This is a really important subject.

I did this because a lot is going down in the network marketing profession that I think needs discussed.

About a few months ago, a couple of mlm turds got on my Facebook post because they weren’t happy when I said that the phrase “everyone eats” is dumb.

The reason I said it was dumb, is because the 80/20 rule is still very much so alive and well in most professions, including network marketing.

This means, like real estate, working out, forex, you name it, 80% fail, 20% succeed in one way or another.

This is a fact of life.

Now… let me explain with this vlog, why you should not only be OK with this rule, but learn to embrace the 20%.

Hopefully this made some sense.

It can be a little touchy I know, but if you learn to embrace this rule, and run with the runners, you’ll be frustrated a lot less, and succeed a lot more.

I will be continuing a ton of vlogs down the road, mostly because it’s a nice change up.

Some people are readers, some people love videos. What can I say? I’m a giver!

Lastly, if you haven’t heard, our newest Friday Happy Hour is none other than my good friend Daniel Westby!

Daniel has not only hit a $20,000.00 a month income in network marketing during his 2016 campaign, but he’s also written his mom a $25,000.00 check to help retire her!

You aren’t going to want to miss this!

with Jelena Ostrovska

With that said, have a prosperous week. Belvin out!


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