My October 2015 Monthly Income Report


Welcome to my monthly income report!  This is a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.  I will talk about what projects I have started, what I’m working on, how things are progressing, what is and isn’t working, and different ideas I have for future months.  This will help you as my reader to see what I am doing and possibly duplicate it if you are looking to build passive income as well.  Eventually, as things grow, this will become an income report and I will post what I am making aside from my network marketing business since that is frowned upon by the FTC.

October 2015 Monthly Report

What happened in October

Completed/Incomplete Goals for October

  • Getting TUGRAF T-shirt line completed (so close!) 
  • Adding SEO to my blog.. Getting higher rank on Google okay “getting higher rank on google” is a stretch because it takes 6 months or more for your SEO work to update, but at least I have a system going now.
  • Launching a 100% FREE E-course
  • Growing my email list
  • Building international in Seacret The Dream Team officially has a piece of Vietnam!
  • Qualifying for Seacret’s Cabo trip via lifetime points (wifey wants the laptop)
  • Continuing my studying forex at FAIL.  My focus this month was so focused on finishing up TUGRAF and launching the new Happy Hour Friday Specials that I put zero focus on this.
  • Bringing on 5-10 new leaders into Seacret FAIL okay so, Erika and I had so many projects to focus on, and also working with other current leaders in our team, that our focus on personal recruiting dwindled.
  • Failure to Launch Landing Page
  • Develop a plan for more consistent daily views at 7figuredad. I now have a consistent schedule of Mondays and Fridays being my posting days.. and daily averages have gone up 20%!
  • Just became an affiliate for BlueHost and putting a lot of emphasis on it.  I love the company and the commission is decent.  Erika is using it for her new web design business, Belvin Media.  I also have added a few ads in some posts but what I am really working on is a resources page where this will work well.
  • Apply for guest posts on other blogs for views  I applied for 3!  Need to up those numbers, still waiting on responses.  Our niche is kind of hard when looking for guest posting, but the work is well worth the reward.

Goals for November

  • 20+ sales from our TUGRAF line
  • 2 more TUGRAF line designs launched
  • TUGRAF line photoshoot complete
  • 7 Figure Dad line photoshoot compete
  • 5 more coaching packages sold
  • 100 email subscribers as a total
  • Create a funneling system to help get leads for my network marketing company
  • Focus on affiliate links to add more passive income to the blog
  • Add a “Start Here” page
  • Add a “Resources” page
  • 5 personal recruits for Seacret
  • 1000 Facebook likes
  • Officially launch a Germany Team in Seacret
  • Launch my new FREE product on “How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Line From Your Couch”
  • Guest blog on one other blog
  • Launch free 3 part training via Mp3

What is working

  • SEO Yoast for WordPress is one of the best plug ins I think I’ve used.  It actually works well in helping me keep my SEO on point as much as I can without professional help.  I highly recommend it if you are not interested in learning SEO or hiring someone at this point in time.
  • I am definitely at the family&friends point of my blog.  It is slowly rising but a majority of the emails are super familiar.
  • I am very excited for the launch of TUGRAF and see a lot of people interested in purchases already.  I need to put up a landing page asap to collect people’s emails so they know as soon as they can start buying.
  • I tested making my own landing pages, going through click funnels, and going through leadpages and I decided on leadpages!  They are the best in my opinion for the best landing pages.  The reasons I didn’t continue making my own is because it takes so much time!  That is something that I want to be as easy as possible and with the features that lead pages has, I have my landing pages up and running in minutes!  Plus, in my opinion, click funnels is a little over priced compared to lead pages.  I get the idea behind it and how it’s made for the ” non-techy” people, but I prefer to save a little dough starting off so I can throw that money into something else.
  • Creating a schedule for your posts DOES work.  I finally have regular viewers who don’t come from any kind of promotion because they know when I put out a post.
  • We had our best day ever for views on the launch of our first guest post with Julian Doan.  I also posted in the same day with some MLM news I had found.  Both posts did very well, and helped me figure out more about my audience.  Paying attention to those kinds of details will help with returning customers.

What is not working

  • Everyone says go to tee spring, but right now focusing on t shirt campaigns is not my full focus.  So, I stuck with what I know which is Spreadshirt.  It’s much more automated to me, and I don’t have to think about how many sales I’ve done and how much longer I have till the campaign is over.  I’ve already made 200$ from spreadshirt so I’m pretty excited about that.
  • Created a 7 Figure Dad group on Facebook.  Still trying to figure it all out, but I really like the idea of a support group where everyone can come together.


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.

Since this is my first report, this will be the starting point for goal setting in the future.

  • E-mail – 34 (0 last month)/ Total: 34

email subscribers october 2015

a little over 1 a day is not bad, looking forward to November’s numbers

  • Twitter – 24 (204 last month)/ Total: 228

twitter october 2015

  • YouTube – 0 (17 last month)/ Total: 17 – no real focus on this for October.. def going to change that

youtube september

  • Facebook – 146 (354 last month) / Total: 500

Facebook likes october 2015


  • Instagram – 109 (1,228 last month)/ Total: 1,337

instagram october 2015


Affiliate Marketing/Adsense

Okay, so adsense.. still trying to figure it out.. made more than the .06 last month but still not clearing what I would like.  Anyone who understands this, you are more than welcome to explain this to me in the comments.  But hey, pennies are pennies.

.50 (.06 last month)/Total: .56

adsense october 2015


What I have learned

  • Having people guest post on your blog reaps great rewards.
  • Leadpages vs. Clickfunnel and the winner is leadpages!! Testing out everything has been interesting but I am very happy with my decision.
  • Twitter lives!  I swear I hear everyone say Twitter is dying, but I am seeing a lot of traffic and tweets about the blog come through.  Hello, audience!  I found where you hang.
  • Make friends with bloggers!  Networking is everything and they help a ton.

See ya on the November Report.

income report

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