My November 2015 Income Report


Welcome to my monthly income report!  This is a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.  I will talk about what projects I have started, what I’m working on, how things are progressing, what is and isn’t working, and different ideas I have for future months.  This will help you as my reader to see what I am doing and possibly duplicate it if you are looking to build passive income as well.  Eventually, as things grow, this will become an income report and I will post what I am making aside from my network marketing business since that is frowned upon by the FTC.

November 2015 Monthly Report

Goals for December

  • Get the beginning stages of new internet project complete.
  • 300% increase in TUGRAF sales
  • officially launch new network marketing project.
  • 3 new clients for my coaching business
  • 25 Failure to Launch Sales
  • Create new premium product
  • get new TUGRAF design that Erika created last month actually launched
  • Create the 3 part training via mp3 that I started last month
  • Launch my new FREE product on “How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Line From Your Couch”
  • Finish first chapter of my book
  • Keeping my goal for subscribers at 100.  I think it’s very doable.

Completed/Incomplete for November

  • 20+ sales from our TUGRAF line
  • 2 more TUGRAF line designs launched


  • TUGRAF line photoshoot complete
  • 7 Figure Dad line photoshoot compete
  • 100 email subscribers as a total
  • Focus on affiliate links to add more passive income to the blog
  • Add a “Start Here” page I didn’t feel I was ready for it yet, not being about to complete any guides.  This will be a focus in December.
  • Add a “Resources” page
  • 1,000 Facebook likes
  • Officially launch a Germany Team in Seacret
  • Launch my new FREE product on “How to Start Your Own T-Shirt Line From Your Couch”
  • Guest blog on one other blog I guest posted on Mind of a Winner this month.  Check it out!


  • Launch free 3 part training via Mp3

What is working

  • We made the most money we’ve ever made after our third real month on the 7 Figure Dad blog.  Very excited about that.  It was so exciting getting those Black Friday Sales.  It made everything real.
  • Even though we didn’t hit our goal of 100, we do have people who are very interested in the Free Ultimate Guide that I give out, which is a trade off for their emails.  This is great because the quality of my products whether free or paid mean a lot to me.
  • Our best day of the month again was another guest blog post From Sober to Sparkle by Amber Voight so we will be continuing to make the Friday Happy Hour better and better.

What is not working

  • This month I decided to branch out and write about going vegan and I learned a big lesson about jumping out of my niche.  Writing about something health related was a test and definitely tanked.  But, what’s awesome is a learned more about who my average reader is.
  • Scheduling this month was crazy.  I had so much going on between traveling, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and other things that I just did a horrible job scheduling and following through with a lot of my financial goals this month with 7 Figure Dad, TUGRAF, and the coaching.
  • Testing has been the biggest struggle this month, only because I’m new at it.  Every single internet marketer will tell you test, test, test, but when you get down to it, it’s not always the easiest thing to do!


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.

  • E-mail – 61 (27 last month)/ Total: 61


Almost one a day.. I’ll take it.  I’ve got some plans to grow it pretty big in December since I didn’t hit my goal of 100.  I kind of blindly set that goal, so it’s good to know that there was a good percentage of growth.

  • Twitter – 4 (228 last month)/ Total: 232

twitter october 2015

There isn’t a huge focus on twitter by now besides sharing posts and using it to yell at players who aren’t doing well in my fantasy draft.  I feel it will grow overtime 🙂

  • YouTube – 0 (17 last month)/ Total: 17

youtube september

hasn’t changed by one user.  I know there is a huge audience on youtube, so I want to start growing it.  I did a video about Veganism this month and that post tanked!  I clearly have a network marketing audience and I am down with it.  Going to throw out one or two MLM vids over the next few weeks.

  • Facebook – 76 (500 last month) / Total: 576

facebook likes november

Bombed another goal.  Again, set it kind of blindly with no real plan to execute to accomplish it.  I am building this like page organically without buying likes like others do, so I think I’m going to invest in a little advertising for December and see how it goes.  Going to do a follow up post for Lazy Marketing to see just how effective Facebook ads are for a like page.


  • Instagram – 114 (1,337 last month)/ Total: 1,451

instagram november

Instagram continues to grow!  The only one out of my social media that beat the last month’s goal.

Affiliate Marketing/Adsense/Products

Adsense-.40 (.50 last month)/Total: .96

BlueHost-$65.00(.00 last month)/Total: $65.00

Failure to Launch$38.40

start your own network marketing blog

What I have learned

  • Having people guest post on your blog reaps great rewards.
  • Leadpages vs. Clickfunnel and the winner is leadpages!! Testing out everything has been interesting but I am very happy with my decision.
  • Twitter lives!  I swear I hear everyone say Twitter is dying, but I am seeing a lot of traffic and tweets about the blog come through.  Hello, audience!  I found where you hang.
  • Make friends with bloggers!  Networking is everything and they help a ton.

See ya on the December Report.

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