How to Make $1000 in a Day from Affiliate Marketing


Over the past week, my wife and I have been working with the 7 Figure Dad Community on how to take their business/brand online. That’s what our 7 Figure Dad Community page is all about on Facebook.

We launched a free five day Facebook live series in the 7 Figure Dad Community that you can access just by joining our free community.

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen in our community is that it takes a while to really earn an income and most people don’t make money, period.


And these numbers only increase when they try and put together their own products.  It ends up costing them more in the long run i.e. expenses.

I used to not think this way, obviously.  I started off the way most people don’t.  I created my own products and put affiliate marketing on the back burner.

Sure, I made money.  But I was missing out on a huge piece of the online pie: affiliate marketing.

In fact, I had a friend of mine, reach out to me about an affiliate marketing company 8 months ago, wanting to know if I wanted to jump on board with him. I didn’t even respond.

I hate getting pitched, but also hated the fact that this company already had put together everything Erika and I were creating for our clients. I also hated the fact at how exciting it looked.

Anyways, Erika and I eventually got burnt out on the stuff we had put together.

You see, we’re not money people. We’re time people.

I’d rather make $100,000.00 a month and have all the free time in the world than a million dollars a month and have no time.

So, on this 90 day run, we decided we were going to find something that allowed our people to make money online, serious money, while learning from us.

My friend was already clearing 50k a month in his venture, and investment costs were now more expensive to get involved than when he had preciously reached out.

Erika and I decided to just wait, and see if something popped up.

Well, we’re glad we did…

That same friend of mine, the one who I was kicking myself for ignoring months ago, found a company in prelaunch that had a fairly similar model, but was in the health and wellness industry.

See, the idea behind these companies, is for you the affiliate to drive traffic to their site, using their funneling systems, auto responders, etc. These generally speaking, aren’t people you know, which is one of the reasons it works so well for people who are already involved with direct sales/network marketing companies.

They are also bringing over sales coaches to close out leads for sales.

So legitimately, a new person online, could follow their system, take their online services, create funnels, and be getting paid ridiculously big commissions while learning internet marketing/blogging.

I love this concept now, after being the person who decided originally to just try and do everything on my own.

Here’s what I made in my first seven days:


Not bad for another online income stream.

But it’s not just guys like me winning, check out what my friends are making:













So do I believe that the people in my community can honestly win in this affiliate marketing company we’ve started working with?  Absolutely.  And we’re here every step of the way with them in the 7 Figure Dad Community, which is awesome.

The company is still in prelaunch, and if you’d like to take advantage of the services, timing, and smaller investment, I’d highly recommend clicking here.

I’d say don’t be dumb and miss out on this, but I think you can tell that from my story up a few paragraphs.

We’ll see you inside our Facebook group!

If you found this valuable, or have any questions, feel free to comment below. Belvin out!

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