Know Your “Why”, Son

Hello loyal followers! I’m trying this new thing called “blogging at least once a week.” Crazy right? I know what you’re thinking,

Jesse, didn’t you already post something last Tuesday?

Why yes I did person who’s asking me this question. I’m feeling generous and thought I’d bust out some more knowledge for ya.

Today class, we’re going to talk about: knowing your why.

*queue cheering children sound effect.


Before I got into network marketing, I had literally zero idea what your “why” meant.

In unrelated news, I was also very unsuccessful.. and kind of a loser.

Why is knowing your “why” so important??

It’s because, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it be completing college, starting your own business, competing in sports, working 80 hours a week, or something as simple as committing to something long term, you will need to know why you’re doing it. In life, when trying to accomplish something, you very well might face challenges or diversity. Life, negativity, or in my case a douche bag co-worker may create problems and distractions that ultimately could derail your drive for accomplishing your goals. If you know your why, you have a much better chance at staying in tunnel vision, and completing your mission.

I had so many people tell me I would never make it in having my own business. I heard every reason in the book why I wouldn’t make it. But like the old saying goes, I tried to pay my bills with their opinions and it didn’t work. You have to remember what’s important, and why you set off on that journey originally. My goal was to retire myself from my job. If I’d listen to my distractions, telling ME to quit my business and get back to work, that would have made it 1,000% certain that my goal wouldn’t be accomplished. I had no choice but to make it work!!

bigCurrently right now, I have much bigger why’s. I, just like anyone else with a pulse, go through hard times.

People think the more money you make and your problems disappear. Well like the late great Nortorious BIG said, “Mo money mo problems.”

You see, everyone wants to be the king, but aren’t willing to accept the king sized problems. For me, I just stay latched onto my why, and I know that it will always work out.

When I see people quit, I don’t hate on them. What it tells me is they just didn’t have a strong enough “why” to start in the first place. Some people are soft, some are comfortable. Those are two traits you won’t see in an immigrant coming to our country with 14 cents in his or her pocket, only to later on become a multimillionaire. It’s because they had a stone cold why, and NOBODY could fog up their vision.

If you find yourself stagnate in your business, or whatever the hell you’re doing, I urge you to stop what you’re doing an really think about why you set off on your quest to begin with. Getting rich is not a good “why.” If I created a survey, and asked 100 people if they’d like to make more money, 100 out of 100 would say yes. It doesn’t matter if they were rich, poor, man, woman, race or religion, the answer would be the same. I don’t think you should necessarily have to cry like some suggest when deciding your reason, but it should hit very hard and close to home.

Hope you found this post useful for yourself and whatever it is you are trying to accomplish! If you have someone who is in business with you who you think should read this, send them the link. Like, comment, share, and as always, first rounds on me!

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