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Welcome! My name is Julian Doan and I am the guest blogger this week for 7 Figure Dad.

It is my privilege to be here writing for you.  I look forward to supporting you to create a life you love.  I acknowledge you for coming here and reading this post.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been in the industry for the past ten years.

I’ve had my share of successes and many failures. Each one equally important to where I am now.


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Prior to getting started in the industry I wasn’t the type of person you would think would succeed in a business like this, let alone someone you would want to recruit unless you believe in everyone, or you were very desperate.

Growing up, I was like the asian Peter Parker. I was the geek that always got picked on, socially awkward, and didn’t have a lot of friends.

The only difference between Peter and I,  though, is when he got bit by a spider, he became a super hero.  When I got bit by a spider, I got sick.

I was the guy on the bottom of the totem pole.

If our groups of friends were debating what to do and I suggested we go to the movies, I promise you we weren’t going to the movies.


Deep down, though, I knew I was going to be successful one day. Some day , some way, some how, I just knew I was meant for something.. I just didn’t know what.


Then, on September 22, 2005, I was introduced to the industry of network marketing.

Courtesy of @JulianPDoan1 on Instagram

Courtesy of @JulianPDoan1 on Instagram


My reasons for buying in were complex and to this day, I can’t really explain it.

Part of it was the sense that it was something, it was important, it was meaningful.  And part of it was my own growing frustration at having not yet fulfilled my personal standards of excellence.
But a great deal of it was a growing awareness that this might be a vehicle to truly making a difference and changing the world.



I saw myself becoming a catalyst for people to awaken to their full potential.

I got started a few days later and thats when my journey began.

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You see, when I first got involved, I thought it was all about products, services, building teams, and making money.

It’s so much more than that, and once I realized it and shared it, everything changed.julian doan six figures

In my first five years, I made no money and in the last five years, I’ve been blessed to have cleared multiple
6 figures.

Network Marketing has opened many doors for me and allowed me to go out there and pursue my passions and dreams. One of those was to open up my own Personal Effectiveness Company V3 Transformation, which is loosely modeled after the same course that I took 5 years ago that changed my life.

Network Marketing had given me the time and money to seek after the man that created the course and get certified to train the course. Transformation, I believe is my gift, contribution to the world, and my part in advancing humanity.

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The other dream I am now pursing on top of my network marketing business and Transformation is becoming a professional MMA fighter

So, whatever it is you want network marketing can support you developing the disciplines, mindset, and give you the resources you need to make your goals and dreams come true.
Wayne Dyer once said, “ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

So, for my guest post, I’m going to share with you how I view Network Marketing and how great of an opportunity it is.

So, let me reintroduce to you network marketing.

The most important thing here is that you take network marketing as a way of life.

It wont work as something you are trying out or as just a temporary fix. That’s why most diets don’t work. Most people don’t go into a diet with the commitment to live it for life. It’s only a temporary fix and that is why no one is surprised when they revert back to old habits and gain back all the weight they lost, if not more.

You see, diets only work when they become a way of life.

Network Marketing isn’t a small game, it’s a profound opportunity.

It’s an opportunity for us to choose how we will live our lives.

Julian Doan and CEO of Vemma, BK

Julian Doan and CEO of Vemma, BK

Will it be dedicated to survival? How about blame, excuses, averageness, scarcity, being reasonable, and creating the predictable future, the future that was going to happen anyways?

Or, will it be dedicated to standing as the source in responsibility for our lives, abundance, extraordinary excellence, being unreasonable, and creating the impossible future, the future that wasn’t going to happen up until now?

The truth is, Network Marketing gives us the ability to decisively take a stand for the difference we can make in the world and lives of others.


I’ve come to realize that if most people want to change their lives they either A. don’t know they can or B. don’t know how.

I imagine it as if most people live in darkness, and all they know is what they can see with a flashlight.

And most people go throughout their whole lives limited by what they see.

What we are is a flash of lightning in the night sky. For that brief moment, we light up the sky and show people that there is more out there then they know and see. And just like a flash of lightning, we disappear.   But what can’t disappear is that they now know there’s more out there then they once thought and it’s up to them to go out there and get it.
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Once I saw network marketing like this, I became empowered to go out there and share this opportunity and gift to as many people as I can.

Generally speaking, those who are up to something big in their lives were open to the opportunity when I shared it with them from this perspective.

As for people not currently up to much? I saw it as an opportunity to wake them up and lift them up.


You see we are not enrolling people into a business or product, we are enrolling them into their future and opening up possibilities in such a way that inspires them to take new action.

For more of my story and some training tips check out my interview on mlm nation:


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