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Hey! We’re back. It’s Friday, so you know what that means. I had the privilege of sending in some questions to my good friend, multiple 6 figure earning network marketer, Julian Doan. He answered them with some epic responses, and now I get to share them with you.

With all of that said, he doesn’t sugar coat it folks. If you’re trying to have success in network marketing, you NEED to really soak this in.

Q: What made you really take a look at network marketing?

A: Well what’s funny is I wasn’t even recruited. I was on a college campus and my friend was being cold marketed while I was totally ignored. I was super interested but the recruiter prejudged me. I convinced my friend to go so I could tag along. He didn’t get started but I did. My reason for getting started was a little complex and not entirely explainable. It was just a feeling I got. I was looking for something to be excited about. I had no idea what I was taking a look at. I didn’t understand everything. But deep down I had a feeling that this was something important and meaningful. I saw myself becoming a catalyst for people to awaken their full potential.

Q: Did you struggle when you first got started?

A: Nah I didn’t struggle when I FIRST got started. I struggled my first 5 years. I went to every meeting, every convention, never missed an auto ship, but never made big money. I don’t even know how I got the money to do all those things. But I never gave up. I might have quit on the things and people that weren’t serving me but I didn’t quit my dream. I got started when I was 18. And from 18-23 I didn’t really make any money, but at 24 I had my first six figure year, in fact $189,000. I’m so glad I didn’t quit those first years. So many people give themselves enough time to fail but not enough time to succeed.

Q: What is one of the biggest reasons most people fail to ever see real success inside the profession?

A: I honestly believe that your success in this industry, and in life, is dependent on 1. Your relationship with breakdowns and 2. How quickly you can breakthrough. You see what you focus on expands, where focus goes energy flows. But the big question is what are you focusing on? A breakdown to me is an interruption in a commitment. So when most people experience s break down what do they focus on the interruption or the commitment? 97% of people focus on the interruptions. What you focus on expands, where focus goes energy flows. You know one of my favorite sayings is, when you’re going through hell keep going, you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there. Problem is, when people are going through hell they just stop, stand there, and complain about how hot it is. Now a breakthrough is that moment in time where you shift your focus from the interruption back to the commitment.

Q: For those looking to become full time network marketers, what is a couple tips you’d give them to ensure they’re able to successfully make that transition?

A: To make sure that this is a commitment you’re willing to make. Be prepared, have some money saved, and more importantly, be prepared and willing to work your ass off. The biggest thing I see is people build this business part time and they start getting results so they figure if they quit their job or their school they can make more money. In most cases I see people make less. Why? Because they feel like now that they have more time they start building with less urgency. If you quit your job and school to go full time you need to have 10x more urgency than you did when you were part time. Time is a horrible master but an amazing servant.

Q: How important is personal development in network marketing and who do you recommend?

A: Well, the biggest lie we’ve been told our whole lives is “to do your best.” I think that is an incomplete truth that sets up a lot of people to fail. Why? Because my best is different than your best. In fact, my best right now is different than my best 3 years ago. See most people in the industry are frustrated because they are doing their best and not getting the results they want. The reason is because they are hitting their lid. They are going only as far as their best can take them and that’s where personal development comes from. The second part to doing your best, is until you know better. The key is to do your best until you know better, than do your best. Most people aren’t bettering their best. But on the other side of it, I think personal development can hurt people when that’s all they focus on and start avoiding taking action. Don’t be a professional aimer. Some of my favorite personal development as of late, is Grant Cardone, Gary V for sales and marketing, Elkhart Tolle for mindset, and anything by Anthony Robbins. But the key is applied knowledges. Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge let it lead to action.

Q: If there was one thing about the state of the profession and where it’s at today that you could change, what would it be?

A: Well, I’m noticing in this industry, there are now people coming in and building their business as if everything they want should be given to them and it should be given fast. It’s a weird sense of entitlement, as if whenever we want something we should have it and have it happen fast. It’s almost like people don’t like waiting and don’t like working. I remember when I got started being told it’s a business and were condensing 40 years into 4. But now it’s like, if you’re not making $100,000 a month after a few months, it’s a horrible company. Everybody wants the fast cash with little work and when they don’t get it they quit. It’s almost like what they were really looking for the entire time was a pyramid scheme. So many people want to be Jordan Belfort in the wolf of wall street but they forget how the movie ends.  Anything worth building takes time. A Toyota takes 13 hours to build where as a rolls Royce takes 6 months. I’d rather work hard for 2 years, consistently growing my income and my team, make 200k plus a month for the rest of my life, than get in quick, slam a bunch of people making 100k a month for 4-6 months, have the company shut down and move everyone to something else. I have left companies before, but only because the company, leadership, or direction didn’t align with mine. But I always knew whatever I build worthwhile is gonna require work.

Q: What was a low moment for you in your journey to where you’re at?

A: I would have to say it was the moment when I was homeless for 6 months in Houston Texas making no money living in my car.

Q: How did you bounce back out of it? How close were you to giving up?

A: Even though it was my lowest moment it was the best experience of my life. Anyone could visualize the good life and good things when times are good. That’s easy. It’s how are you when times are bad. When you don’t have any money for food or gas. When your team just quit or a leader left. It’s how you visualize your life in adversity that’s when it counts. It’s how committed are you to your why. That moment toughen me up. Cause sometimes you don’t need a plan, you just needs some balls and go for the kill. And I outworked everyone and in a few months hit a top rank in the company and was number 2 money earner for that rank. In that moment I felt like Leonids as a kid coming back to Sparta with that wolf on my back. At that moment I realized I was a bad mother f’er and that I could conquer everything. That’s not my ego, that’s just the facts. I think anyone that knows me and knows my story, knows that I’ve been through the ugliest, toughest, most f’d up things in this industry and it never stopped me. I just kept moving forward. Like going into battle as someone who is prepared to die.

Q: How has network marketing helped you in your ventures outside of the industry?

A: It has helped me in all areas. I have a beautiful girlfriend so obviously I learned how to sell and recruit up, haha. But in all honesty though I was the social awkward geek in high school. I went to prom by myself, I had low self esteem, and no one took me seriously. Because of this industry I’ve learned how to be a person of influence, a person of significance, and be a person of value. The person I realized I was and more importantly, the person I decided to be, was worth way more than any amounts of money I’ve made. This industry is a great teacher of adversity, persistence, determination, and commitment. Most people won’t experience that anywhere else. I think the second best place for people to learn that discipline and rigor is probably mixed martial arts.  Although network marketing is a lot safer. I’d rather get a no than a punch in the face. But like martial arts, it’s not about avoiding getting hit, because you’re going to get hit more. It’s about accepting the fact that you’re going to get hit, and have a plan for when that happens. It’s the same with rejection. It’s going to happen, don’t avoid it. Accept it and have a plan to keep going. Mike Tyson said it best, “everyone has a plan till they get punched in the mouth.” But it’s the plan after you get punched that matters most.

Q: Looking back on your journey so far, is there anything you’d change or do differently a second time around?

A: You know, this is such an interesting question, but I think I wouldn’t change anything. I appreciate the lessons I’ve learned and the experience I’ve gained. More importantly, the relationships I’ve built. I know I probably sound like a huge geek saying this, but if I went back in time and changed a few things I might not have the leaders and friends I have today. I think so many people curse their journey or blame their circumstances based on the expectations of how they believe everything should look. I’ve learned a few years back to trade my expectations for appreciation, and magic begins to happen. You can’t have a testimony without the test. Life is a backwards teacher like that. In school you learn a lesson and then take the test but in life you’re given a test first. Appreciate your journey, results are your best coach. They have this amazing ability when you look directly at it, show you what’s missing, what’s working and what’s not working.


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