Who is 7 Figure Dad?

Hey, I’m Jesse Belvin! I wanted to make this page to allow people access into my life and the journey to becoming a 7 figure earner from home while surviving fatherhood which is a task all in it’s own.

I’m a top network marketing earner, internet marketer, investor, public speaker, and coach.

It wasn’t always like this…

My journey really got started about 5 years ago when I got introduced to a crazy profession called network marketing.

I remember, I was a steel mill worker, who found himself agreeing with 70% of the US workforce who hated their job. The money was great, but I couldn’t see myself really trading the next 40 years of my life for a check, all while hoping I don’t overwork myself, but at the same time work just hard enough to not lose my job or get laid off.

I was super depressed all the time. I felt like because I was a college dropout, that I’d be a slave to the 9-5 life forever. That was, until one rainy Saturday in Vancouver, Washington.

One of my best friends just called me and introduced me to this ground floor “opportunity,” and how if I worked it hard and consistent enough, I could eventually find myself living life on my own terms.

Needless to say, I took it and ran with it! I couldn’t believe people, average people, could really live that free life regardless of their background or upbringing. I couldn’t believe, a kid like me, could really have everything I’ve ever wanted.

But, one thing was for sure. I just knew, if this really was real, and if I could get handed an inch, I was going to take a mile!

Now they always say you don’t choose your first company, your first network marketing company chooses you. I found myself building my first company for about 3 and a half years. And yes, after a rough first year, I started to kill it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking..

What’s up with the “Dad” part?

About half way into my tender with the company, I met, what would be my wife at our company’s convention in Arizona!

I remember sitting in the crowd, waiting for my name to get called to walk the stage in front of a couple thousand people, and there she was. She walked in late, wearing a bright red dress and I knew she was it.

Later that weekend we actually ran into each other on the dance floor at our company’s after event party, and from there on out it was game over! 5 months later we were married.

Now, how did we get here?

Well, married people have babies. We were no different. Her name was Hannah Sophia Belvin, the second girl to steal my heart.

I couldn’t believe how small she was. If I’m being honest however, the only thing I could really think of was how much sleep I was about to miss out on. I knew I had just inherited a third full time job on the side of my business and being a husband.

With all that said, May 6th will always go down as one of the greatest days of my life.

Now, to speed things up, my wife and I decided to part ways with our previous company after plugging away for about 3 years. To sum up the reasons behind it, we just really wanted to take the success we had had with our first run and see what we could with a different product line and fresh timing. What we learned, even though we had tons of success, this profession can be full of surprises, ups, and downs.

We went from a 6 figure income in our second company, to 0 overnight. That was what happened when our company was purchased by another competitor, leaving us with no income and no game plan.

Luckily, we’re a badass couple who refused to let that be the end of our entrepreneurial book. We knew there was other options out there. We knew there was more chapters to be written. We just had to hustle.

That’s really when this whole website and blog really took shape.

I always knew I wanted to be a millionaire.

The reason for this website, was to inspire people by allowing them to join me on my journey. No, I didn’t want to just talk about the good stuff. I wanted the 7 Figure Dad readers to see the hard times too, and be as transparent as possible in real time.

I wanted them to see that I didn’t come from a special background that made this journey easy. But, most importantly, I wanted people to see that they could do it too, regardless if they were parents, had jobs, or any other obstacles standing in their way.


About 7 Figure Dad

Now that we got all the catching up out of the way, this page has been creating with the intention of keeping you up to date on what’s going on in my life, on my journey, as well as giving you some other options as well. This is a site that will serve as a blog, but will also show real time exactly how and what I’m doing to get to a seven figure income all while being a first time parent.

If starting your entrepreneurial journey is something you’re considering, you can always e-mail me at jesse@7figuredad.com.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background looks like, if you want to live life on your terms, you can do it!

In closing, I want to say thank you for checking out my website. If you feel like subscribing, that would be pretty awesome of you. It’s free after all.  Hopefully you find my journey useful in whatever you’re involved with. Thanks again!


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