January 2016 Income Report-$3031.79

january 2015 income report

Welcome to my monthly income report!  This is a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.  I will talk about what projects I have started, what I’m working on, how things are progressing, what is and isn’t working, and different ideas I have for future months.  This will help you as my reader to see what I am doing and possibly duplicate it if you are looking to build passive income as well.

January 2016 Monthly Report

Goals for February

  • Affiliate commissions paid out: $1,000
  • New coaching website launched
  • Get the beginning stages of new internet project complete. (I keep putting this off, but I at least want a coming soon page up)
  • Belvin Media website up for more info on blogging packages
  • Launch first network marketing webinar
  • Launch first blogging webinar
  • Start Lazy Marketing T-shirt line
  • 7 Figure Dad wristbands launched and sold
  • $8000 month
  • Launch Intensive (Vegas)

Completed/Incomplete for January

  • Get the beginning stages of new internet project complete.
  • Finish and launch Lazy Marketing:  From Nervous Newbie to Badass Blogger.  Get on the waiting list!
  • Income goal for coaching: $2,000
  • Another 300% increase for TUGRAF
  • 5 new coaching clients – 4
  • Officially launch my 7 Figure Dad affiliate program.
  • 7 Figure Dad wristbands launched and sold

What is working

The Community blogging page is taking off. Regardless if people are affiliated with it or not, there is starting to be excitement revolving around the page. Also, income increases have been spot on. I think this is more to do with the growth in the blogging program than anything else. Lastly, balancing projects and hitting deadlines have been as good as could be expected.

What is not working

Right now, the TUGRAF line isn’t where I want it to be. Had a very slow month, mostly my fault, and no new designs have been launched. That will change this month. The Friday Happy Hour is on the back-burner for now because of all of the other time consuming projects that are in the works. The nice thing about that, is that I have plenty of people who are willing to write guest blogs, and don’t REALLY have to stay consistent with it. Lastly, my campaigns haven’t been as effective as they could be. The big reason on that is missed e-mail opportunities on my end, which will get fixed this month.


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.  This month, I got organized and broke my list up into segments so it’s a little too hard to take pictures.  Anyway, here are the numbers!

  • E-mail – 67 (61 last month)/ Total: 128

I reached my goal!! I passed the 100 subscriber mark and hit a huge goal for myself.  I want to keep this up but also not focus on the numbers so much as the targeting.  I want a list of targeted readers who genuinely love 7 Figure Dad and what it can offer them.

  • Twitter – 13 (247 last month)/ Total: 260
  • get into twitter war with Michael Rappaport.  Check. 🙂

twitter january


There isn’t a huge focus on twitter by now besides sharing posts and using it to yell at players who aren’t doing well in my fantasy draft.  I feel it will grow overtime 🙂  Follow me ! 😀

  • YouTube – -1 (17 last month)/ Total: 16


So, I went down one… I’m honestly not too worried about YouTube followers at this point in the game.

  • Facebook – 49 (643 last month) / Total: 692


OKAY!  I mean, I really wanted to be at 1000 likes by January, but the focus stayed on creating new content and on my new coaching clients.  This will increase over time, I feel.

Like I said, I will be creating a test post for Lazy Marketing to show what Facebook ads can do for a like page on an affordable budget.


  • Instagram – 1,115 (1,758 last month)/ Total: 2,873

instagram january

Instagram continues to grow!  I’m very pleased by the way instagram is going.  I think that is where a lot of my audience lives aside from Facebook.  I want to start working on my visuals and make it another way to add value.  Over a thousand real followers is an awesome accomplishment.. I see a Lazy Marketing post happening in the near future.

Affiliate Marketing/Adsense/Products

Adsense- $1.79 ($8.76 last month)/Total: $10.55

google adsense january


Again, not too sure how I’m making this happen but something’s working

BlueHost– ($65.00 last month)/Total: $130.00

MyThemeShop Affiliate-($32.90 last month)/Total: $32.90

Amazon Affiliates-($0.16 last month)/Total: $0.16

Lazy Marketing Products-$10.00($6.40 last month)/Total: $16.40

Coaching-$1950($500 last month)/Total: $1950.00

unpaid pending balance: $1,070 (payment plans, etc)

Total for the month: $3031.79

start your own network marketing blog

What I have learned

  • The power of email funneling and how it allows you to be able to focus on other projects.
  • Small tweaks can make a huge difference!  Test, test test!
  • Consistency is key in making sure that your income continues to grow.

See ya on the December Report.

income report

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