How Sophia Felix Overcame Fear with Strength and Strategy

How I Overcame Fear with Strength and Strategy

Being a female entrepreneur is an extremely liberating feeling for me.

It’s actually somewhat of an addiction to be successful more and more each year.

This year I took that risk.

Like many other entrepreneurs, I resigned from my 9 to 5 and I went after my dreams.

I wanted to work from home on my own business and charity.

I’m not going to write the typical uplifting blog post telling you to just go after your dreams or tell you about my past and hard times. However, what I do want to share with you is my PRESENT and FUTURE because that’s what’s truly important.

This year, I finally fully realized that I couldn’t wait on my success any longer. It had to be now and I had to be successful. Not for just myself but for every single person who I’m associated with. I had to do it for us and I had to motivate them too.

The truth is, no one is going to hand us our dreams. Every day I meditate about it.  I spend time alone and think about “what would make ME happy?”  “I want an incredible life but what’s my next move?”

When I pray about it, I don’t ask for nor do I beg for the answer, I demand it. It can really happen.. And you can do it too.

sophia felix

Breathe in the freshness of success and live it, who can really stop you?

Who can really go against you if you are protected by Jesus? Yes! I said it Jesus, not the mexican guy from high school but Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

What I learned this year which makes me so joyous is I now understand the importance of working for special projects Jesus assigns to Me through the Holy Spirit. He truly is my protector and we truly help a lot of people.

When I say I’m gonna be a Humanitarian, a latina Young Oprah- well I literally mean it. I started getting signs for these projects about 4 years ago the day I met Baby Izaiah.

Izaiah was just a baby when he was hit by a teen drunk driver and left paralyzed, on a breathing tube and severely brain damaged.

I went to go visit him after volunteering for a charity that supports him called Passion4KIDS. That day I met with him forever changed my life. He smiled at me and I felt an overpowering feeling of love. The feeling told me to “Help Izaiah, this is very important.”  I promised him I would help. I swear the experience was so intensely powerful and I had never felt anything like it before.

Since that promise, I threw many fundraisers and worked with many charities.  Because of this, I witnessed Izaiah get his brand new handicap accessible home, new van, we went to Disneyland, Sea World, and he was on The Dr. Phil Show. Last year he received a $173K check for therapy treatments donated by Dr. Phil’s worldwide viewers.

Yesterday I was able to be present as he was surprised with his own custom therapy room donated by Make A Wish Foundation. There were many times the volunteers and sponsors would tell us not to thank them and that “God told them to help him.”

I know it’s true, and it just makes me smile inside.

I hugged Izaiah tight before I left his house yesterday and I told him I’m proud of him. This brave little boy who beat the odds changed my life through inspiration.

How blessed am I and why was I chosen to experience this?

A few months ago, I had to make that huge step towards my ultimate mission and happiness.

Yes, it was indeed terrifying at first, but I had to strengthen myself with faith.

Do you know what I did?  I got to work!

Today, I am San Diego Chapter President of a wonderful non-profit charity America’s Children of Fallen Heroes.

sophia felix

We support children of fallen military heroes, police officers and fire fighters. We received sponsorship from the Braintek Institute to provide brain therapy for my programs recipients for PTSD and I am also implementing our Dream Development program.

My Dream Development program is a 10 year mentorship program to help a child of a fallen hero reach their American Dream. I just won a Telly Award statue for my commercial produced by Joseph Cinemato and I also re-branded my business HBM Talent & Management.

I’ve been mentoring other women and representing entrepreneurs with their businesses, many are for big money deals.

I often go to sleep exhausted but thankful. I am thankful I believed in myself. I am thankful I did not give in to fear and I am thankful I am creating my own ‘Winners Circle.”

That is Wealth- Living a life on your own terms!

sophia felix

Loving your family and people around you and being proud, respected and profitable with your brand. None of the amazing programs, my happiness or special things I accomplished this year alone would have happened if I didn’t have 100% Faith in myself and in my greatest ally. I will mention Him again at the end of my blog.

A secret I also learned is to love others. I learned that when I get those ‘signs’on what to pursue it isn’t only for me to be a successful entrepreneur profit wise, it is also to create my legacy simply by helping others become more successful.

This also means I must consistently have an enormous amount of internal strength and patience.  Sometimes I have to put my personal feelings aside for a greater purpose.

A few tips on how I do this:

Don’t be intimidated by fear. Fear is our enemy.
Have a kind heart but don’t take any sh&%.
Surround yourself with legit motivators, leaders and power players.
Be professional at all times. No matter what.
Keep your tone friendly but be about your business. You call the shots.
Look people in their eyes and keep your word.
Be sufficient in being able to develop business plans.
Attain capital for your business.
Only post updates on social media that are positive for your image and company. No rants.
Have the best mentors from several industries. I have 6 mentors and they are all the best.
Have strong allies and keep stuff confidential. This is vital.
Give back to your community.
Believe in yourself and team.
Produce job opportunities and mentor others.
Have a sense of humor and ability to handle stressful situations.
Meditate daily. This is mandatory.
Have a fitness routine and health coach.
Have elegance and class. Just because others do not doesn’t mean you should have bad habits.
Set up goals and accomplish them in a timely manner. Make deadlines.
Don’t let your feelings get in the way with business.
Work harder then you ever have in your life. Don’t stop until you get amazing results.
Educate yourself and love yourself.

To be honest this is one of the greatest tips anyone will ever share and I want to be the woman who tells you:

When you feel any type of fear or unsure about which path to take say these words: “Jesus, wrap your arms around Me.. Hug Me.”

That’s my secret tip for you. Try it!

Merry Christmas!

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