From Somber to Sparkle, Plus Never Before Said Tips from Amber Voight

From Somber to Sparkle by Amber Voight

Here is the story of Amber Voight said in her words

First I want to thank the seven-figure dad for inviting me on this blog.  I am so excited to tell you a little bit about my journey and how I’ve had success and my hope for you it is for you to duplicate what I’ve done and have the same results that I’ve had.

My network marketing journey began when I was 17 years old.  I had no idea what network marketing was and had never heard of it.  But, I was sold on the fact that you could create your own hours, create your own lifestyle, and create your own income that got me from the start!

I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset! I actually got married when I was 17 years old, moved out, and got my own house because I was always independent and always wanted to make my own life.  So, network marketing was the perfect fit for me.

I joined when I was 17 years old and I knew nothing. I had no direction, no idea what I was doing, and I still had an employee mindset.

I thought the way to make money was to go out there and do as many parties as possible and to go sell as much as possible.  I made about $1000 a week while doing several party per week and I was starting to wonder when was the time freedom suppose to come in? When would I get to be with my family?

Now, I never sponsored anybody because I was scared of creating my own competition.  I had no idea that I had the wrong mindset. Eventually, that company went out of business and I joined another one.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same success and I figured it was the company, so I joined another one.  Again, I didn’t have any success, so I blamed the products thinking “they must be too expensive, nobody wants them, etc.” So, I quit and I joined another one!

Again, I did not have success and I blamed the compensation plan thinking, “if only we got paid more, I could do better, etc.” And I quit. This went on for quite a few years until I heard the words personal development. 

Personal development changed my life. I had no idea that I had the wrong mindset this whole time, and I learned that your checks will not grow till you grow.

Personal development changed my life.  I had no idea that I had the wrong mindset this whole time, and I learned that your checks will not grow till you grow.

I didn’t realize that until the moment when I heard the words personal development and I realized that all my past failures were my fault.  It wasn’t the compensation plan, because there were other people in the company making money, so that was proof that the compensation plan worked.  It wasn’t the products because other people were making sales, so that was proof that they weren’t too expensive.

The common factor here was me, I was the reason!

So, I started working on myself harder than I worked at anything else.  My mindset took a drastic change. I realized, by not sponsoring others into the business, that I was creating the reason I wasn’t enjoying that time freedom.  I was making myself work harder and not smarter.  So, from that point on I started offering the opportunity.  I started studying this profession. Like my friend Eric Worre says, “network marketing is simply a skill and like any other skill you can master it with enough practice, enough education, and enough knowledge.”

When I started to work on myself and everything else started to get better, I earned a company paid BMW and 35 days later I quickly became one of the top leaders within my rank in the company.  However, I still had a lot of work to do on my mindset.

I left that company because I didn’t like my upline, again letting my ego get in the way. I let that control my business and I quit that company.  When I did that, I lost my income, my beautiful BMW, and my home.  I became homeless with 3 little boys and I didn’t know what to do.  I swallowed my pride and asked a family member for a $3,000 loan to buy a mobile home.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with mobile homes, as I’ve seen some gorgeous ones. This one, however, was extremely old!  It had mold in the walls, holes in the floor, and I was in and out of the emergency room due to respiratory issues from living in this home.  My poor children did not want to live here, my son had raindrops falling on his bed from the holes in the in the ceiling, and I felt like a huge failure.

I was at my lowest point living in this unhealthy environment.  I had no way to feed my children, I was on welfare, and I felt like a loser.

Then, something happened.

I remembered studying personal development and I remember how it changed my life before.  I remembered this book called The Law of Attraction that I used to study, but like a lot of people, ended up slacking on it.

Well, I put all of this on the back burner and I started utilizing the skills that I’ve ignored shortly after my current company came to me.  I wasn’t looking for the opportunity, I wasn’t looking for the product, but it fell in my lap and I said might as well!

I didn’t have the money to join, but I wanted the kit. So, I found a way.

If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. -Amber Voight

If you want it bad enough you will find a way to make it happen.

From Somber to Sparkle by Amber VoightI looked all over to find anything that I had that had any value, which really wasn’t much at this point. I was able to find a $600 designer purse that I received as a gift and I sold it for $99 so I could join my current company.

I didn’t think I would do much with it, but I wanted that kit. Haha!  So, I joined and I fell in love.

All of a sudden, I had passion again, I had purpose again, and I had a way out of my current situation.  I knew at this time I was going to do it right and I wasn’t going to let my ego get in the way.

My ego is NOT my amigo!


My ego is not my amigo! -Amber Voight

I decided, with this new company, that I was going to work harder on myself than I did at anything else.

I was going to visualize what it would be like to get out of that mobile home that I was living in at the time.

I got to work and I started building relationships.  I started being more interested in other people rather than being interesting.  I started doing videos that were going to help other people and their business, using my past failures so they could learn from my experiences and not have to make the same mistakes.  I started sponsoring like a mad woman because I knew that the key to success was to build an organization of people who are better than you.

From Somber to Sparkle by Amber Voight

Amber Voight on 7 Figure Dad

I knew the key to success was also to get rid of the people who were not lifting you up.  This is one of the hardest things I had to do.  I had to get rid of a few of my friends who wanted to stay just where they were in life and didn’t want to get better.  They were OK with minimum-wage jobs,  OK with being on food support from the government, OK driving around a beater car, and were OK with living at their parents home.

Well, I wasn’t and I knew that you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with.  God knows I didn’t want to be like them.

Now, at first, I thought maybe I could change them.  “I used to be just like them and I was able to change so maybe they can change too.  I don’t want to ditch my friends, so we should be able to do this together,” I though to myself.

Well, I learned something… You cannot change anybody.  It’s a full-time job to change yourself so don’t put the burden on changing somebody on your shoulders.  They have to want it and do it for themselves.

Amber Voight on 7 Figure Dad

So, sadly, I had to replace those relationships with new relationships of people who I wanted to be like. I replaced them with people who inspired me to people who motivated me. People like Eric Worre, Lisa Grossman, Todd Falcone, and Jordan Adler.  These superstars that I’ve learned so much from, were the ones who I let surround me.  Now, they didn’t know me at first, but I listened to them, watched them,  attended all of the events they were at, and duplicated exactly what they said to do.

It’s funny how the law of attraction works. All of these mentors I listed above are actually my personal friends in real life.

So, start surrounding yourself with people who are better than you.

From Somber to Sparkle by Amber VoightThree months after joining my current company, I hit the top rank and earned a $10,000 bonus. That was my first month I had made in a month what my husband made in 6 months.  My husband retired from his job that he hated and really wasn’t helping us much looking at our current situation (at that time) that we were in.

We moved out of that mobile home into a beautiful single family home with a huge yard for the kids and I was able to buy a brand new Danali.  Life looked completely different.

Now, since then I still work on my personal development every single day.  I still strive to be better every single day and doing so, I’ve created an organization of over 70,000 distributors.  We do over $6 million in sales every single month and growing and I’m one of the top six distributors in the entire company.

I make a high six, soon to be seven, figure income this month (fingers crossed haha) and  have been featured in books like the 4 Year Career and the Flip Flop CEO, spoken on stages like Go Pro and the ANMP, been featured and been a guest writer for publications like Networking Times and Success Magazine, and am a frequent guest host on the home business radio network, and I just finished writing my first book.

So, the moral of my story is, work on yourself because your checks will not grow until you grow! If this 8th grade drop out can do it YOU can do it! And never give up… Use your failures as practice to get better from, fall down 8 times get up 9!

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