Friday Happy Hour: Discovering How to Live a Purpose Driven Life


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We’re back with an all new Friday Happy Hour!

I know it’s been a minute, but like I say, sometimes you have to take a step back to take a giant leap forward.

More on that later.

Right now I want to introduce this guest blog post today. I was lucky enough to lock down Sophia Felix for a guest blog, and she hit it out of the park! Make sure to show it some love after you’re done reading it.

One of the most inspiring parts of my career is learning about people’s personal, spiritual, financial and career goals.

After I interview and do my assessments I have my clients write in my secret journal.

It’s a special journal I write in which documents the wonderful and heartbreaking things that have happened to me through my charity and entrepreneur work.

There are a few stories that I have never shared with anyone.

They are just too special and personal but I document them to get confirmation later.

So if I chose to take on the client I have them first take an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Quiz and give them and their first assignment.

I ask them to “Write in my journal your most important goals to accomplish in your lifetime. No matter how crazy it may sound or be write it down.”

When I read their entry and it helps me visualize how I can help them accomplish it.

It’s very interesting to read about their dreams, desires and goals. I often curiously question why they wrote what I just read.

I then evaluate the results of their ACE Quiz or just ask them their score.

This helps me assess their background and understand certain aspects of their experiences.

An ACE score is a tally of different types of abuse, neglect, and other hallmarks of a rough childhood.

According to the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, the rougher your childhood, the higher your score is likely to be and the higher your risk for later health problems.

What I observed by collecting these entries over the last year is something my clients all wanted to achieve: Feeling Loved.

While many wrote about their financial or career goals 90% of them also expressed their desire to be loved and feel wanted.

How can achieving this make someone a success I wondered?

I questioned if a person who has a high ACE score but feels loved vs. someone who has a low score but feels less loved ultimately over all more successful in life?

My answer was simple: Absolutely!

While most people want the source to come from a partner or significant other sometimes that’s not possible.

Sometimes the love comes from family, children, friends, coworkers, business partners, mentors, coaches, people you help out, even kind strangers.

It is so important when you’re reaching to hit that level of success to practice this: Love one another.

I wanted to see if this would work so I actually spent these last few months experimenting myself.

I started by focusing on certain people close to me with my sincere love, kindness and attention.

I would verbally tell them why they were special to everyone and why, give them realistic goals to accomplish then I would follow up.

During this time I noticed many of my clients responding.

I noticed a complete positive turn around! One by one they started accomplishing their dreams.

Some started businesses, some started living healthy, some started loving their selves; flaws and all.

I was in awe by the amount of energy that was being shared.

It became truly inspiring to witness but what was also amazing was what was happening to me.

I noticed a change in myself too.

I noticed how much happier I was becoming.

I was reading a book gifted to me called The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren.

On the page I opened it said in bold letters: “Everyone’s life is driven by something so knowing your purpose will give meaning to your life.” I asked myself the question. “What drives YOU Sophie?” I felt completely off guard and confused for a minute. Wait what??!

So I opened my journal and I read all of my stories of my special experiences, goals and prayers.

Some of them were truly extraordinary, I myself forgotten how special it made me feel or what power I have in my heart.

As I read each entry I felt the exact feeling of when I experienced it.

By the time I finished reading I was literally crying. I said out loud: “How incredible! What an amazing, blessed and joyous life I have!”

I read about all the children I met and helped like Baby Izaiah and all the wonderful people that just truly unconditionally love, educate and help me.

There are so many! For example, one was an old woman I helped out a last year named Lenora Lindsey whose kind family let me live at her home rent free after she had to be moved in return for my kindness.

During those 2 months, I spent time studying, reading, meditating, planning and praying for the life I wanted.

I found her spiritual books, notes and letters Lenora had wrote and hidden away before she got ill.

These particular notes I were drawn to and found are so special.

I felt as if I was meant to find them for a reason.

That time of studying, understanding and searching for my purpose helped me become spiritually successful.

I had my answer: I was and am so loved.

After I moved out Lenora’s the start of my experiment begun which started early this year.

My goal was to have a paid career by helping people and the following things have came to realization.

I accepted an administrative career with one of the State of CA’s private non-profits that helps youth that were abused and or are mentally ill.

Being in this environment makes me feel extremely happy and purposeful.

Also, I volunteer and am San Diego Chapter President for our charity organization America’s Children of Fallen Heroes which is doing wonderful.

We are now fundraising to have our custom off road jeep tour the country.

I’ve been mentoring other women and I also received Darshan by spiritual healer and Master Sai Maa who worked with the Dalai Lama.

I reside in a dream home and I work with other talented people.

Literally everything I visualize weather it’s through determination or meditation I can make it happen, no excuses.

And it’s all because I realized my true and ultimate purpose was to live a joyous fulfilling life.

I accomplish my happiness all by making opportunities to help and love people.

It was important to me to share this particular success secret because it had such a great effect and impact on me and others. I also would like to share a link to take an ACE Quiz if you would like to:

Once you ask yourself and discover your true purpose I highly recommend documenting it and to experiment with it.

I’m going to be honest.

You will face fear and challenges but persevere though it.

Practice on loving one another, you will transform and blossom with successful life changing results.

Commit yourself to your purpose driven life 100% because living with purpose is the only way to really live!


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