What I Learned From My First Webinar on Google Hangouts On Air

What I Learned From My First Webinar on Google Hangouts On Air

This past Saturday, I hosted my first webinar and overall, it was a messy yet successful experience!

I had a lot of badass feedback, so I apparently didn’t screw up too bad. Everything however, is a learning experience, and I am excited that most of you were able to witness it because you can see how raw and real I am.  A huge thank you to those of you who attended, and especially those of you who took extra time to email or message me with your appreciation.

A replay of the webinar is now available on Youtube. Check it out!  

If you are trying to expand your audience or trying to monetize your blog, I highly suggest doing webinars! People get to see the real you, hear you speak, and listen to the tones in your voice.  It’s a way for your readers to get to know you better. Even when you screw up, it’s way more authentic than if everything was edited and super polished.

Lighting is key.

The first five minutes of my webinar make me cringe.  My office gets very dark for some reason in the evening and my floor lamps didn’t do the webinar justice. I didn’t realize how “cave like” it looked in the room when I started filming. Granted, my readers still heard the information, but great lighting makes the webinar look more professional.

They give you problems if you have a Google At Work gmail that is you@yoursite.com.

This made us late on our webinar and unfortunately probably made us lose a few viewers.  Always test your platform before you go on to make sure there are no surprises and everything goes smoothly.  Apparently Google Hangouts On Air is super weird when someone with a gmail for work is using it even though it is still gmail.  You have to give permission to others not in your group or company to be able to access your webinars AND it takes up to 24 hours to make the changes.  This naturally blew nuts. Not good for someone who has a webinar at 8:00 pm and it’s 7:59pm.  So, in our case, we had to set up a new hangout on our email, send out an emergency email to subscribers, and pray to God everyone figured it out.  Luckily we only lost a few, but still, when you are offering a promotion at the end, numbers are everything.  So, prepare for the worst and make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Don’t give people too many ways to watch your Webinar.

Try and have everyone meet in one place in case of technical difficulties.  Meeting on a website page was much easier to just refresh for the people who went there rather than all the youtube subscribers and google hangouts people who needed to be redirected.  I also like having a chat box in a web page rather than dealing with Google Hangouts all together. Plus, I can add links, images, and plug ins like ClickToTweet to help with promotion.

No more of this “here’s 10934935 places you can subscribe.  May the odds be ever in your favor” bs.

Promotion is your bread and butter.

Promote, promote, promote.  We did not do enough of that.  Our numbers for our next webinar in two weeks will destroy our numbers for this week.  Facebook Ads, Email, Facebook Groups, Instagram posts with hashtags, Twitter, Blog Posts, Landing Pages, and so much more.  There are so many ways you can promote!  So set up and organize your campaigns.

Time goes by super fast, so keep a clock around.

No joke, I looked across at my wife once while she was handling the customer service and helping people get logged into the new webinar URL, looked down, looked back up, BAM! It’s time to start closing this thing down.  It’s easy to go over your time especially when you are presenting, so keep a clock around to help you speed up or slow down your presentation. I blame this topic for why I didn’t get to watch more of the UFC card last night.

Preplanning is everything.

WHY didn’t we do this?  Because when I wing shit, things tend to work out.  But, they can work out 100x better if I just preplan.  So, for this next one that is exactly what the team and I are doing.  This means promotional campaigns, emails, ads, affiliates, you name it, we’re planning it. And if you’re reading this to learn from my mistakes, plan your shit too.


Bonus tip:  Don’t set your date on the same night as a Connor McGregor UFC match up.  Not because not as many people will show up, but because thats going to be a damn entertaining fight and you don’t want to miss that it. You’re welcome world. Belvin out!


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