Don’t Burn Bridges

Don't Burn Bridges by 7 Figure Dad

What’s good my fellow journeymen?? I’m back after a 2-week layoff. It’s been a super busy past couple of days but thankfully, I have some time to knock out this next post.

I’ve learned a really important lesson in business, lately especially:

Don’t burn bridges.

Too many people out there get SO CAUGHT UP in their network marketing business, or whatever kind of business they’re running.  For instance, if they’re in MLM, and Person A leaves Person B’s business, Person B legitimately acts like Person A punched them in the dick.  Well, if you happen to be Person B, I’m here to tell you that you look 100 times worse than the person who left you.

Some “leaders” take shots at Person A’s character, at their family, spread rumors, lies, and even get as crazy as issuing threats.

Here’s the awesome question to this whole bogus situation:

You realize it’s just network marketing right?

There is life outside of this profession I promise you. The reason I always wish someone well if they want to leave, quit, or just stop for whatever reason, is BECA– USE you never know when you might need that relationship down the road.  And because, well, I actually like to have friends.

The worst thing you can do is look at people as dollar signs.

I literally consider myself a professional friend maker because, from my experience, that’s the easiest way to ensure long-term business or connection. Yep, it is by making friends. If I recall, the book was “How to Win Friends and Influence People” not “How to make a buck off someone.” People very rarely quit on friends, but if they do, KEEP THE RELATIONSHIP.

What I’m finding out is people who either weren’t interested in doing business before, or quit early on in the game, are reaching out to me for different business ideas outside the profession. My goal has always been to become so successful inside of network marketing, that one day I could go do something else with everything I’ve learned and earned inside the MLM 4 walls. I’m just grateful I didn’t burn any of those bridges with people, and now have an opportunity to partner up with them in other ventures.

Plus, people talk.  And over time, you will become the weird one.  And not the “good” weird that people like Lady Gaga call themselves.. but like the, “shit, that guy is calling me, quick, ignore that” weird.

don't burn bridges

Remember, people over profits. The most valuable thing you can ever attain in business is relationships. Relationships can and usually do result in other opportunities, business included.

Hope that this post helped a few of you out.

Just remember, at the end of the day, it’s just network marketing. Stop being weird, and stop killing the relationships in your life that aren’t included in your MLM life.

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don't burn bridges


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