Crypto Frenzy


I know, I know, it’s been way too long.

I haven’t blogged in forever.

A lot of amazing things have been going on with new projects, investments, and life in general.

I wanted to make this post in regards to, what I’m sure you’re getting tired of seeing, and that is this crypto madness.

It seems like you can’t scroll down your Facebook feed anymore without running into this person or that person talking about how they’re going to be rich, because they just purchased some crypto coins.

Are they bullshitting?

Are they confused?

Are they right?

Well, it’s probably a bit of all of the above, and then some.

I got invested into the crypto world 8 months ago.

I started a coinbase account, which is where you can purchase some of the major coins available, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. There’s Bitcoin cash as of now as well.

I randomly decided to go with Ethereum, and Litecoin when I first invested.

Don’t ask me why.

I just did, and to my surprise, it worked out.

I invested a few hundred bucks, quadrupled my investment in a few weeks, and then sold it all.

I know what you’re probably wondering.

Why sell?

Well, it’s because I wanted to see if it would actually hit my bank account, and be as legit as everyone claimed.

The result, it was. Everything checked out.

Fast forward a few months, I decided to really get involved.

I had started a few projects, business was booming, but I knew I needed to start putting my income somewhere smart.


You see, the average American puts their income in a savings account.

Do you know what happens when you put your money in a savings account?


It just sits there. Collects damn near pointless interest.

Savings accounts are obsolete in 2017. You need to invest. Invest in SOMETHING.

For me, Roth IRA’s are another option, but boring as hell.

Now, one of my biggest fears in life, is regretting some of the inaction when it comes to different opportunities. I had been reading about this crypto “stuff,” and it seemed really interesting to me.

Obviously after my original investment, I was a believer on its legitimacy.

So I decided I didn’t want to miss out on the possible crypto boom, and I was going to do some serious investing.

I decided to get involved with Electroneum, which was an ICO (Initial coin offering) and also Forcount.

Forcount, was an auto trader that will grow and compound strictly Ethereum, instead of it just growing in value with the natural rise of the coin.

See the difference?

Most people have their Ethereum sitting in their Coinbase account, just growing as the value of the coin grows. For me, that’s not enough.

I was introduced to this autotrader that will still allow it to grow in value, but also compound from daily profits I make off my original investment.

Pretty cool huh?

Hopefully this isn’t confusing.

Electroneum on the other hand, was a one time investment for me.

This is basically all I’ve done lately.

But hey, 1,000% growth in a little over a month is nothing to scoff at.

For two weeks, my Forcount account has grown Monday through Friday, without one loss. So far so good on that front.

With Electroneum, this is the picture of my dashboard, and what it’s currently valued at in the market place.


Side note, crypto values change all the time. I’m sure by the time this actually gets posted, my portfolio will look slightly different.

Anyways, it has been a good run with this new, exciting industry so far. But, I’m just getting started.

I’ve been checking out a couple other coins that are pretty interesting to me, and will be updating everyone as I invest.

On that note, I want to give a massive shoutout to my good friend Kyle Finley and his podcast Crypto 101 which, right now, is my go to for all things crypto!

I will be interviewing him on the next episode of The Friday Happy Hour as we enter the new year, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks again for following the journey.

If you have any crypto related questions or anything you’d like me to ask Kyle on TFHH, feel free to ask below and we’ll get them answered.

Until next time..


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