Building Your Network Marketing Business Through Private Facebook Groups

Lengthy title right?

I know it’s long, but it’s to the point.

I want to do this blog post on exactly how I’m building the majority of my network marketing business, at least from social media, in 2018.

You see, there’s so many ways people claim to build online.

Funnels, social media, group spamming, you name it.

Today, I want to talk about my new favorite.

This is through Facebook groups, but not just random ones you spam into.

Obviously I have a couple projects I’m affiliated with. Whether it’s health and wellness, crypto, or service based, I’m heavily into the network marketing profession.

The question is, how do you find time to build them all?

Think about it. Multiple companies, multiple daily trainings, multiple testimonials, multiple 3 way calls, and much more.

How do you do it?

Well, the obvious answer, based off the title, is through Facebook groups.

But, these groups aren’t the ones you just plug your team into, constantly flooding it with news, trainings, tools, and all of that.

That comes later.

These are first exposure groups.

First exposures, are generally speaking, where new reps psych themselves out the most.

They’re nervous about exposing their family, or friends, and most won’t even consider talking to theĀ  random person at a Starbucks coffee shop.

That’s one of the big ways a group can help.

A private group is generally designed by either you, or someone who’s on your support team (above you in the structure), where you will have tons of solid information and exciting updates for new prospects to see.

The structure of it usually would include a solid group bio, a welcome video you would want to pin at the top, and a clear message that lets them know there’s no pressure to buy or join, and if they were added without their consent, to remove themselves from the group.

Pretty standard sounding right?

Next, a few testimonials you can gather from the team.

This is to show the potential customer or rep that there are people who are seeing results both from the product/service, and business. You want to have a good amount of both.

I’m all about people simply getting in where they fit in.

After you have testimonials, get some information/links in regards to exposing the company opportunity.

Make a couple posts with links or videos that show what the company is, how to benefit from the product or service, and the business opportunity as well.

Remember, this is just content for your page.

It really helps to have other people in the company participating in this tool. Even if they aren’t in your organization, it’s good to have it look like it’s not just you posting in the group.

So, if you’re new and reading this, don’t stress.

Chances are, you can find someone in your company using this exact strategy, and can probably link up with their group.

If you are new but have a few committed friends already on board, then sure, make the page yourself.

Once you’ve got the page made, the pinned post welcome video, the testimonials, and the other content, you are ready to start inviting people.

Start by asking them if they’re open to taking a look at this new project you got involved with, and that you’re not sure it’ll be “their thing.”

This is called the indirect approach. I love this approach.

It’s honest, doesn’t sound salesman like, and your friends don’t think you’ve joined a cult and are just trying to get their money.

Tell them it might not be their thing, but you want them to check it out and give you some feedback.

Usually works.

Most of the time people online will say, sure send me some info.

Now, instead of sending them a link, just tell them you’re gonna tag them in some info and if they don’t like it, to just remove themselves after checking it out.

Then, quickly, add them to the group after they’ve given permission, TAG them in the comments section of the pinned welcome post, and in the tagged comment, tell them to take a look around and if they have any questions to hit you back.

That. Is. It.

Now, why is this so powerful?

It’s not in your face, It’s duplicable, It’s efficient time wise, and it’s simple.

Remember, especially for the Parentalpreneur reading this post, people have lives. People are busy.

Any time someone is “pitched a business,” they ask themselves if they can do what you’re doing, on the side of their job/current life or schedule.

This is why simplicity in network marketing is key.

So when someone asks, well, how do I build this business, you would say, what was it that I did to get you in this business?

They would say, you asked me for permission, and tagged me in that group. I took a look at info, it looked good, got my questions answered, and boom.

You reply, “that’s it.”

Some key things to remember about this awesome first exposure tool.

Do not add someone without their permission.

This kills the entire purpose of not trying to be spammy and weird.

Also, remember to follow up with the person, and find out what they liked best about the info they saw. If a three way call is needed, then that’s what needs to be done next.

Adding people is great.

But the majority of people will still need to be followed up with. Which is why we call this the first exposure. There may need to be more.

The last reason this is awesome though, is because generally speaking the more it works, the more people use it. The more people use it, the more other prospects see others getting added. The more others see people getting added, the more they think this is actually going to be something big.

See how that works?

This is by far one of the most duplicatable, simple systems I’ve ever seen.

I can’t take the credit for this one. My good friend, best selling author, Tommy Wyatt showed me it. He’s absolutely crushed it in this industry, which allows him to not have to spam his personal page, which in return leads to more sales.

If this post helped in any way, feel free to share it on social media, and leave a comment or question below.

Until next time, peace out!

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