How Brenden Tieger Won at the Game of Life by 22 Years Old

How to Win at the Game of Life by 22 Years Old by Brenden Tieger

Hello! My name is Brenden Tieger and I’ve had the pleasure/blessing of being asked to be the Guest Blogger this week for Jesse Belvin’s The Friday Happy Hour on Jesse, has been nothing but helpful and supportive along my journey in this industry.

I guess the best way to explain who I am and where I’m from is start with the fact that I am a 22-year-old entrepreneur born in South Korea and raised in Southern California.

Due to that, I’m probably the most white-washed Asian you will/would ever meet.

I skateboard, wear long t-shirts, and my favorite sport to play is lacrosse… ???? just to give you a mental picture.

I started my “entrepreneurial” journey back in January of  2014.  I was a desk jockey, working a 9 to 5 which felt more like a 7 to 7, 6 times a week, 300+ days a month. I was lucky enough to get a great paying job right out of high school where I graduated with a 2.4 (yes a 2.4 not a 4.2 like my Asian culture is used to). This income allowed me to drop out of college before my first semester ended and I thought I was on top of the world.

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t agree with my decision so they kicked me out at 17.  I, at the time, didn’t care because I was making great paychecks.  But at the same time, every time I got a raise in my pay, I also got a raise in my waistline.

As my “wealth” was increasing my “health” was decreasing and I realized I needed to fix that.

My two year journey in corporate America ended with me at 300 pounds and very unhappy. I knew I needed something that would not only pay me the way corporate America did, but also give me the time to be able to make a serious health change.  Thankfully, this industry entered my life and changed all of that for me.

Before I had my job, I actually ran a non-profit in honor of my best friend who I lost to bullying my sophomore year of high school. What I love about this industry is that it is so similar, it actually fed the passion I had that helped me start this non-profit.  There are so many things about this industry that fueled me in the way that the most important things in my life did.

Your job is to empower and educate people that there is a better way.

How to Win at the Game of Life by 22 Years Old by Brenden Tieger

Network Marketing is where you are in control of your life, where you get to make a difference by developing yourself, and helping others do the same.

This industry allowed me to create a perfect balance between my corporate income and my non-profit passion.  For that, I am forever grateful.

How to Win at the Game of Life by 22 Years Old by Brenden Tieger

Don’t get me wrong, network marketing has its ups and downs, but the ups include life-long friendships and life-long income as the downs are mostly, if not all, just lack of belief in yourself.  That can be fixed with the right people supporting you on this journey.

Honestly, people don’t really know this about my journey, but it hasn’t always been so rewarding.

Yes, I did achieve success pretty quickly and have created a great network, but some don’t really know the struggle of jumping from corporate to network marketing with no assurance that things would work out.  I went through months of not eating meals to pay the bills, getting called every hour by credit card companies to pay the minimums due, which I couldn’t afford at times. I even used my gym membership to use as a place to shower and store my clothes when I couldn’t afford to pay rent.

People see the rewards, but the sacrifices are the things that make everything worth it. It’s a reminder to always keep going. I’ve been through several companies now, and each time I gave up a very solid paycheck with no fear, because you can’t be afraid of giving up the good to go for the great.

Every change in company has been a huge lesson, and opportunity to up my law of association. You see, the point of this industry isn’t to just increase your bank account, but it’s to increase your network as well. This is  because at the end of the day, you never know when their might be an opportunity to work with someone in your network down the road.

You might be “competing” with someone in another company, but locking arms with them down the road. A huge lesson is to never burn bridges, and to never deal in absolutes and to be able to admit when you’re wrong. Also, it’s important to be open for changes, like ideologies, because if you don’t advance yourself that means your life won’t advance.

How to Win at the Game of Life by 22 Years Old by Brenden Tieger

I thank you all for taking the time to read my story and I hope that this helps/inspire you in someway to take a chance on yourself and go after everything/anything you want.

Sincerely, Brenden Tieger

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