Branding Versus Money Making Activity in MLM

Branding Versus Money Making Activity in MLM

It’s been a minute I know. I feel like we don’t even know each other anymore. Like, we’re growing apart.

No but seriously, how’s it going? I’ve been ridiculously busy this week, and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to blog at all this week. But, luckily for me, my wife is a slave driver and forced me to bust out a new post.

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What I wanted to talk about tonight was something that is super popular these days with network marketers, internet marketers, and pretty much every other type of entrepreneur out there…


Ah, yes, the controversial topic in Network Marketing.

Millennials love it, Veterans are trying to learn it, and amateurs are mistaking it for real work.

Before we get into the politics, let’s have a little lesson.

What is a brand exactly?

It’s really simple. You are your brand. In business, you are the single biggest representation to your brand.

Everything you say and every move you make is a representation of your personal brand. Now, you might be thinking that this should answer the question in the title. Well bitches, perhaps you should think again.

Branding is tricky topic. The reason is because in business, it’s obviously a good idea to avidly work on your brand because it can make or break your business.

With that said, as a network marketer, spending too much time focusing on your brand, and not enough time doing actual work can backfire, and usually does.

Before you get defensive, let me explain.

As you know, I’m a network marketer.

I see these ground floor people come on board, pay their membership, and depending on what company/team they’ve joined, get branding lessons hammered down their throat.

They get a camera, get photoshop, rent a car, go on vacations, buy a watch, pop bottles, and the list goes on.  Granted, these are the millennials, but the older ages have their things too.  Like, tell me why someone in their late 30’s, who has twenty people on their team, needs a personal logo on their Facebook cover photo and signs their Facebook updates with their name.  Dude, we know you posted it, your name is at the top of the post.

Another example of this is someone getting into the profession and immediately changing the way they talk. They’ll post pictures of themselves praying, fake talking on a cell phone, or looking off in the distance, followed by a motivational quote. They’ll go talk to their friends like they completely had a crazy transformation in the last 24 hours, like all of the sudden they’re better than their network.

Believe me, I understand the whole “catering to your audience” bullshit, but to the average person you look like a weirdo. As we know, mlm is awesome, but full of weirdos.

There’s something called “attraction marketing.”  Attraction marketing is doing certain things so that people come to YOU versus you having seeking them out.

They come to you because you are giving value. There’s a big difference between that, and just posting pictures of your friends Louis Vuitton shoes.

7 FIGURE DAD branding

I get it.  Some people think that if they post themselves in jets and all the crap I mentioned above that they are “attracting” people with their brand. What I believe, is you are not only putting too much focus on your branding, but you’re almost tricking your network into working with you. Your rented lambo isn’t providing value to someone.

Well,  I want you to remember when you first started in MLM.  You were probably very impressionable. It doesn’t matter what age you were. You wanted to be, feel, and act like the seasoned vets of the industry. The problem with it, is that instead of focusing on activity, you focused on what the leaders were doing and copying them.  So, if you had a leader who spent their time on their branding because of where they were at in their journey, I’d be willing to bet that you focused on duplicating what they put out there, because honestly, its easier to do than pick up the phone. Remember, there’s good and bad when it comes to copying someone who’s been in for years. You can’t always compare your year 1 to their year 10.

As we can guess, of course, trying to copy their lifestyle through your brand probably didn’t get you far, I’m sure.

Remember, your network knows you. Going out there, renting a car that’s not yours, dressing in a suite within 24 hours of joining this “new opportunity,” buying a GoPro, and taking a ton of pictures of your new lifestyle will do nothing but turn your network off. Think about it. They know you and they smell your bullshit.

Now, I am not saying that branding in MLM is a bad thing. In fact it creates a culture that no one can touch. But, there are times when the focus needs to be on branding and there are times when the focus needs to be on the hustle.

Also, I do not believe in day 1 people even thinking about their brand.  Network marketing is a tough gig.  Networking through your friends and family, finding new leads, training, and all the other shit that is involved is not for your average person. I do believe anyone can succeed in MLM, but it takes a huge amount of effort.  So, wasting your time on your logo and your team call flyer isn’t going to push you to greatness in MLM.

Now, for all of you who have a few hundred people on your team, the amount of time you spend into your brand, or branding, is also key.

Too often do people get caught up in this whole process that they actually side step money making activity. All of the nice quotes, pictures, watches, and jet riding is great, but it isn’t what makes you money. You might trick a couple poor souls, but the majority come into your business, like stated before, when you provide value into their life.

How is it that we all know network marketers who’ve been homeless, living in cars, broke, busted, and disgusted, yet they still made it to the top? How is it that we know leaders who have never branded a team, bought a logo, made a separate Facebook page, but still maxed out the comp plan? It’s because they basically say fuck that shit, and get to work. They provided value to others. Excuse my French, but it’s true.

Branding is great. Not acting like a douchebag on Facebook is a smart idea, but get to work. Accomplish some shit, and then worry if that last photo captured the essence of your Gucci belt.

Another great example is these success coaches who pop up out of nowhere after having no success in their field after the last couple of years. Yeah, your brand might be good, but have you had real success? No? Then what the hell are you doing teaching success to someone else? Like I said, focus on the activity, at least for a minute, have some success in something, then focus on your branding.

Let me make myself clear one more time. Branding is important. But, it’s more of the cherry on top of everything. It can even be done during the journey to the top, but just shouldn’t be the first thing focused on when starting your entrepreneurial journey.

Before some of you comment on this post and say I’m wrong, just remember that nothing will ever trump money making activity.

Branding should be that thing in your journey that takes you from a A-  to an A, not an F to an A. Taking pictures are great, logos are fine, but not if you’re not hustling. You need to walk before you run, crawl before you ball.

Now, in closing, truly ask yourself, are you being productive or just active?

Did you exhaust yourself today with all of that Facebooking, picture editing, and GoPro-ing? Or, did you wake up early, bust your ass booking appointments, closing deals, and providing value to your team and others?

7 FIGURE DAD branding (1)

I don’t know which one you did. But based off what your answer is, I can guess your check. Focus on building as your main course, and have a side salad of branding.

With that said, I hope this post helps you in one way or another. If you have anyone on your team who has gotten caught up in this epidemic of branding 99% of the time with 1% work, have them read this post. Make sure to like, comment, tweet, or share this thing, and hopefully, God willing, we can correct this problem that’s plaguing some mlm businesses out there. Belvin out!


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