3 Things that will Help You Stop Failing to Launch Your Business Properly and Start Multiplying your Business

the problem
The day I joined my first network marketing business, I had all these huge ideas and goals that I saw myself accomplishing in the next few years.  You know the ones.  The quick flashes of the dream car, the dream house, upgraded wardrobe, the fancy watch, bills paid, debt free, I could go on.  I did the visualization, the dream boards, read the books, did my exposures, recruited people, and got through the let downs. Fast forward twelve months later, and I was STILL in the same position.  My business was like a revolving door, people came in and left just as fast as they joined.
I thought about quitting almost weekly.  My thoughts and emotions were like a heart beat monitor.  My constant thoughts were “not only did I have no direction, but also that I was on my own business wise.
It wasn’t until after I bugged the crap out of my uplines who lived over 400 miles from me that I finally got launched correctly that my business EXPLODED!
didn't know

See, I had no idea that I didn’t know what I didn’t know!

And here it is:  all the info I learned in years of experience packed into a webinar just for you!


Forget about trying to get a piece of my time and possibly forgetting half of the things I tell you, or me forgetting to say half the things you need to hear, or some other shit.  It’s 2015 and most of the important things that exist nowadays are on video or mp3 that we can watch or listen to as much as we want.

Newbie: Wait what did he say? *rewind* Oh, I understand it now after the 50th time.  Yay, I’ve made my first $100 from home!

SEE, and that my friend, can be you.

xNetwork Marketing SHOULDN’T feel like a guessing game.

xNetwork Marketing SHOULDN’T be a year of failure before your first recruit, like mine was before I found my mentor who was willing to help me.

xNetwork Marketing SHOULDN’T be the distributor begging for the answers from the vacationing, uninvolved upline.

It’s time to take control and be given the information you need to succeed beyond that of an autoship.


Hey! Ho!Let's Go!


So often do you see different mlm’ers coming out with how to make 15 figures in your pajamas, or the secrets your upline isn’t telling you. I wanted to make this as simple, and as effective as possible. My training isn’t promising a dollar amount. It’s promising that you become VERY good at the most important part of the time spent as a network marketing sponsor: the launch!


I feel, based off experience, that not getting launched correctly is one of the most cancerous things that can happen to your new business. It’s like cutting off someone’s leg, and telling them to win a race.

After filming this video, which we just finished, and FINALLY releasing it to the public, which I have, I’m confident that  you will have your business not just take off from the ground up, but DUPLICATE as well!

This e-course works for any company and is not meant to replace your normal training.  It will only strengthen your learning curve and get you results faster!




  • A One-hour raw, webinar with minor cuts to save on time.  Basically it’s like getting an hour of my time so that I can train you on how to properly launch a new distributor.


  • An MP3 of the entire hour so that you can listen to it in your car.


  • A workbook that goes over bullet points so that you can follow along as well as a personally made Blue Print that you can copy as much as you like to use with your new distributors.

failure to launch


  • Launching your new distributor correctly can ensure they have massive success in the most important time of their business, the beginning.
  • Helps create powerful goals and reasons for building business which can help keep your new distributors focused longer.
  • Simple duplication throughout your organization, which will lead to more activity from the team, but less babysitting from you.


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Here’s a Sneak Peak 2 mins of the RAW one hour webinar I put together in this package.





Think you should wait for a sale or for prices to get lower?  This is the lowest possible price you will see this e-course at, because, well, it’s only going to get better.  Yes, this is the most raw, uncut, transparent version I will ever put out.  Like I said, this is just as good as sitting and having a cup of coffee with me as I tell you all my secrets like what works, what doesn’t work, and what corners you can take to skip all the unnecessary failing that I went through in the beginning.  So what more are you waiting for?



You can keep scrolling through my posts and jumping through your social media tabs the rest of the day wondering why you’re struggling.

You can continue to build the dream boards, spend countless hours looking for free content, and stay in the same place because you only know as much as you know.

You can go at it alone and continue to fail forward, losing more people until your pipeline is tapped.

Or you can spend 100 bucks, probably close to your auto ship amount each month, and finally change the way you do the things that matter.

*Remember, 20% is the action.. 80% is how you do the action that gives you the type of result you are getting.

You have to pay attention to your results.  Let the numbers show you if you are ready to figure out the information needed to help you win.

So Don’t wait any longer, get your e-course now and begin your journey with me.


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I look forward to helping you grow AND keep a thriving LOCAL team!


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