Are You Actually the Expert in The Room

Are You Actually the Expert in The Room

Ok, this post actually came to me this morning. I procrastinated big time and didn’t get it finished last night. But, as you know, everything happens for a reason.

I was listening to this awesome success coach, Jessica Caver Lindholm, and she was talking about the topic of being an expert. I’ve seen this subject get brought up many times on social media recently and I thought it’d be a cool thing to address in this weeks blog.

Are you an expert?

I like to talk shit about people who wake up one day, label themselves success coaches or experts randomly, and start trying to sell a service based off that. Now, there’s another issue out there as well. The people who have legit expert knowledge on a topic, but don’t feel comfortable giving themselves that title, possibly in fear of what people might think. So, the question again, are you the expert?

So lets examine the first part to this.

The overly anxious “expert” in the room. This is the person that took a rip from his or her bong, put down the video game controller, gave up on entrepreneurship or whatever field they’re in, and then became a “guru” the next morning. These are the people I can’t stand.

The problem with this should be obvious. You have accomplished in the eyes of most, nothing.. yet you believe you are now an expert. Maybe you don’t believe it, but you are sure labeling yourself one. See, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The amazing part about the internet, is you can be anyone you want to be. The bad part about the internet, however, is that you can be anyone you want to be.

You see this a lot in the network marketing profession. You’ll see people join a company, completely fail, (which isn’t a bad thing,) then quit (which is a bad thing) and become a coach. Now, what exactly are they licensed to coach you on? I’m not exactly sure. They are going to give you advice on something they don’t know how to do themselves.

This is why, when people who join our coaching program, are never advised to sell products until they’ve made money through our affiliate program. We don’t want anyone faking it until they make it with us, because it’s wrong. You should have experience in the things you’re coaching people on. I’m on pace to make 8,000.00 from my blog this month, but I’m not going to sell someone on how to make 6 figures yet. Why? Because I haven’t done it.

Now, some of you might be saying, what about the other side. You might find yourself in my boat. I hated calling myself an expert on anything. I sometimes felt that I was only qualified on being able to teach people about how to properly eat hot cheetos without wanting to die. But, fear not, I have good news for you all now.

There’s a couple different opinions on what make you an expert. 1 is doing something for 10,000 hours according to Arthur Gladwell. The other, according to Jessica Caver Lindholm, is to know more about a topic than 80% of the population. So think about that for a second. If you want to brand yourself an expert, just ask yourself if you know more than 80% of the human population on that topic.

This is why not all athletic coaches played the game. It certainly helps, especially when seeking employment after your career, but isn’t necessarily needed. Some of these coaches are just students of the game who have devoted time and effort into mastering how to be a coach in their respected sport. Nobody knocks them.

So, the question remains, are you an expert?

I think based off a couple of the principles above, you should be able to formulate an answer. The other thing, you need to know going in, is that you shouldn’t give a shit what people think. People are going to always have an opinion on what it is that you do, don’t let it bug you. Be more concerned if someone isn’t saying anything about you.

I hope this article helps some of you out there.

If you’re one of the douche bags who are giving out advice you’ve never taken yourself, this article is for you. If you’re one of the people who are super nervous about finally giving yourself that expert title, despite all the success and effort you’ve shown with the topic, this article is also for you.

Feel free to show this post some love. I will be talking with you all next week! Belvin OUT!


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