April 2017 Income Report (6,311.02)

Welcome back to my monthly income report!  This is a series of reports that I will post each and every month summarizing my progress.  I will talk about what projects I have started, what I’m working on, how things are progressing, what is and isn’t working, and different ideas I have for future months.  This will help you as my reader to see what I am doing and possibly duplicate it if you are looking to build passive income as well.  Understand that this income is “on the side of” my offline projects, which has been my primary source of income.

April 2017 Monthly Report- I’m Back

Goals for May

  • 2k in OSP commissions
  • 6k in NLS commissions
  • Finish guest post for Party Plan Magazine
  • 2-3 Coaching clients
  • 10-20 more Wealthy Networkers
  • 18,000.00 in total income earned (not including network marketing)

Completed/Incomplete for May

  • Stay Tuned
  • Stay Tuned
  • Stay Tuned

What is working

It’s been a while since my last income report. A ton of transitions are to blame for this. But, I’m back and so is the income. The affiliate commissions have completely exploded which has made me waaaaaaaay more of an affiliate marketing supporter than I originally was.

What is not working

I was having serious problems with consistency. My offline projects were taking up most of my time, and making me less and less likely to actually put work in online. Over the last 45 days, I’ve been very dedicated to the brand, my website, and all of the projects that come with it. Expect to see consistency going forward in this department.


The most important metric on the entire blog – earning a subscription from someone is the ultimate form of commitment and conversion.  This month, I got organized and broke my list up into segments so it’s a little too hard to take pictures.  Anyway, here are the numbers!

  • E-mail –  Total: 401


  • Twitter – 139 (328 last month)/ Total: 467

Had some really good growth, but I don’t feel great about it. Why? Well, because it’s been like  a thousand months since I last posted. Next month I will feel better about the growth in numbers.

  • Instagram – Total: 7,769

I’m switching from my YouTube to Instagram for the main reason of, I use my IG like crazy. YouTube I put trainings on, but don’t really mess with it too much. Look forward to keeping you updated on the success I’ve been having with Instagram.

  • Facebook – 62 (857 last month) / Total: 919

This is strictly from my 7 Figure Dad following. This has nothing to do with my Community page, TWN page, personal page, or any other pages I’ve created.


Adsense- $0.02

BlueHost– $0($0 last month)/Total: $65.00

MyThemeShop Affiliate-$0($0 last month)/Total: $0

Products-$0($0 last month)/Total: $50.00

Other affiliate commissions (NLS/OSP) – 2,001.00

Other online $- 4,195.00

New total coaching income on the books and The Wealthy Network memberships : $50.00 (payment plans, etc)

Total income earned on the books this month – $6,311.02

What I have learned

  • I’ve learned that I need to be much more consistent about viewing my monthly goals.
  • I’ve learned that people who balance multiple projects are VERY impressive. This is one of the big reasons for the lack of consistency.
  • I’ve learned that this has been an amazing journey. I’m finally at a place where balancing multiple projects doesn’t feel like performing open hear surgery. We’ve got some really fun projects growing every single day, and love seeing everyone who is linked up with us, winning!

See ya on the May Income Report!

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