If You Could Accomplish One Thing in 2017, What Would It Be?

If you could accomplish only one thing in 2017, what would it be?

I know we’re half-way into the year, and if we were talking about this back in January, this answer may have been clearer in your head.

I am asking this, in June of this year, for a specific reason.

It would be easy for me to ask you what all of your goals are, how you’re going to accomplish them, and all of that good stuff. But, lets take it step by step.

Assuming this year hasn’t quite been what you want it to be, or what you expected while drinking champagne, watching the ball drop on tv, lets pick something you really want. Just one thing.

What would it be?

See, if reading this blog post helps you accomplish that one thing, this will be considered a success.

If I can get you to focus, eliminate distractions, and hit this achievement, I’ll chalk it up as a win.

Because it’s June 2017, and your new years goals are still your goals now.

You’re probably feeling pretty depressed about the whole thing.

But, fear not. I not only understand what your issue most likely is, I’m going to help you correct it.

You see, I believe your real issue isn’t your goals, it’s your scheduling. Not only scheduling, but planning out your weeks before they begin.

I consider myself qualified in this area for a few reasons, one being that  planning my week before the week begins has worked for me.

The problem for the majority of people, including myself, is they think they are busier than they actually are.

We’ve all heard the saying,

If you want something done, ask a busy person.

This is because a truly busy person is more likely than not, very good at scheduling.

A caution to this statement, however, is that thinking about activity and actually doing stuff, are two completely different things.

You aren’t busy. You’re just winging it.

There are these things I like to call ‘gap-times’ which essentially is the period of time between activities, events, and whatever you have planned for the day.  And when you’re not scheduled properly, these gap-times can take up a huge chunk of your day without you knowing it.

For example, you may sit down to watch some TV thinking you have a ‘little bit of time’ and because you’re not scheduled properly, you might spend 1-3 hours just watching TV and relaxing.

If you do this correctly, you still can have time to watch TV(I’m not anti-TV, in fact I can binge watch House of Cards like it’s no one’s business) but it’s important to know where you’re suppose to be and what you’re suppose to be doing at all times instead of just winging it.

How do you solve this problem?


You have to get good at planning your week out…. BEFORE it begins.

Do yourself a big favor.  Block out every Sunday evening from 8:00-8:30 PM EST, stop by your local store and pick up a notepad or planner, and meet me inside the 7 Figure Dad Facebook Group to set your weekly goals BEFORE the week even starts.  Want email reminders?  Just join my exclusive 7 Figure Dad email list for email reminders.

We’ll be doing this every week, same day, same time, because we believe in serving our community in the best ways possible.

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