Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy But It’s Necessary


Bloggin' Ain't Easy but It's Necessary

As you may know, I’ve started a 7 Figure Dad Community. I wanted to take a second to explain to you what that exactly means, and why I did it for my bloggin’ website.

I’ve been doing coaching now for a few weeks, both for network marketing and blogging. Recently, since my income report, I’ve had a wave of new inquiries about how to start blogs. Blog making is one of the things I’m the most passionate about, because I believe that EVERYONE is fully capable, regardless of their circumstances, of starting a blog.

I believe blogging will without a doubt be the number one producer of income for myself in 2016. I think that EVERYONE who’s ANYONE could, with a few small steps, be well on there way to a side income if they got involved in the industry. Tons of people post things on social media every day that could easily be turned into a blog post. This in turn could lead to a substantial income.

I’ve been passionate about this for a while, and now have everything coming together. We have the coaching programs, we have the website construction from my wife and her company Belvin Media, and NOW we have the home for everyone to plug into.

I created a 7 Figure Dad Community page a few months ago, which didn’t have a lot of engagement.

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It was pretty bland, and was basically designed at the time for entrepreneurs, network marketers, and bloggers to come together and share ideas. Sounds cool, but wasn’t really working. Well now, I’ve decided to make it a community page where people who want to get involved in the bloggin’ coaching program can plug into it to share ideas, tips, and personal success testimonies as well as blog posts. What this will do is, not only give you constant traffic, but an easy environment to find out what works, and what doesn’t going forward with your blog. I will of course be doing webinars and trainings, but the main idea is to create a community of winning, that like minded people can surround themselves moving forward on their bloggin’.

You think that shit sounds cool? It gets better. Now let me talk to you about the affiliate program.

One of the hardest things in blogging is getting that first solid income stream. There’s USUALLY so much to it, it can sometimes drive people out of the industry before they ever really get going. So, now with my affiliate program, you will be able to add a major income stream to your site immediately after getting your pack.

You see, most of my coaching is done with people who were referred to me. I have a ton of people reaching out because they want their site built and blogging mentorship. So, now this will allow them to have all of that, an affiliate account, AND access to the 7 Figure Dad Community, along with some other stuff as well. Now, Not only will the 7 Figure Dad page consist of bloggers who have gone through the program, but also affiliates who are all able to make serious money by just referring other blogging hopefuls to the 7 Figure Dad coaching program as well.

I’m fired up to be watching people, who want to blog about ANYTHING, not have to stress about making money right away. They now have the easy opportunity of becoming a bridge from the people they know to myself, and get paid 30% on every dime that was paid to 7 Figure Dad. So if someone comes in and buys a pack, the affiliate would make a nice chunk of change, for literally no work. Makes blogging about typewriters a lot less stressful.

I’m excited because the people in the Community page have a REAL blogging home, where they can grow together, make some money, and create something special for themselves.  I’m still bewildered how this all go to this point to be honest. I always knew I’d want to coach people when I had success blogging, but had no clue I’d come up with something so pure and badass as this Community.

Now, as far as the pricing goes, you can check out the link here.

We wanted to make our affiliate packs VERY affordable, but also extremely beneficial to the average ground floor blogger. Erika, who has been coding and building sites since she was thirteen decided to help out with the bloggers enrolling in the program. So if you looked at the pack prices, and what they consist of, you know that there is no better hook up for new bloggers than right here with the Community.

I’m so freakin excited about this it’s hard to write. All I want to do by December 31st, 2016, is to be surrounded by a thousand bloggers who are all building their future from their lap top. I want to pay out over a quarter of a million dollars in affiliate commissions, and I want EVERYONE who gets their start in blogging to say that the 7 Figure Dad Community gave them their start.

I don’t care if you want to write about mlm, sports, traveling, or like I said before, typewriters, you can find your home here.

So, unless you have any questions, lets do some writing, make some money, and live like no one else can. Welcome to the Community!

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