5 Things I Do After I Click “Publish”

5 Things I Do After I Click -Publish-

So, you’ve got your blog up and running, you’ve written out your first few posts, and finally hit that magic button: Publish.

Then what?

.. So you wait, and wait, and wait.  Check your jet pack site stats and your Google Analytics and..


Ok, now what?

Don’t worry, I got you.  Here are the five things I do write after I click “publish” on my blog posts.

  1. I hit up Canva and create my promotional images for the social media sites that my readers live on:
    Pinterest(the title picture), Instagram, and Facebook.


tipWhen looking for pics, I take advantage of the awesome stock photos that they have.  If you’re looking for 100% free photos, make sure to look for images that are at least 1000x1000px.


2. Once my pictures are done, I Facebook message my Instagram image to my phone and come up with an inspirational post that goes with the blog along with strategic hashtags that bring on a ton of viewers.  I, then, copy the URL into bitly(if the URL is long) and create a small link that I put in my bio.

instagram promotion blog post

instagram promo link blog post

tipI see so many people on Instagram copy their link into the actual post.  Instagram does not allow links to work in the post!  Look like a pro by avoiding that mistake and just let people know that the link is in the bio.


3.  I promote my Facebook promotional post on my 7 Figure Dad Like page, my personal page, and my Facebook groups.

blog post2

There is nothing wrong with being a shameless self promoter.  There is also nothing wrong with flooding your social media sites with the value that you are giving them on your blog.

Repeat after me : THERE IS NO SHAME IN MY GAME.

Thank you.  Now, hit up your Buffer and get those posts scheduled and out to the world.



4.  I pin my blog post on Pinterest and “like” and repin 10 other pins to attract people to my Pinterest profile.

pinterest blog post


It helps to engage on other people’s posts, whether you are liking, commenting, or reposting.  Pinterest, even though it seems like a women’s website, is a huge.

A huge thing to remember about Pinterest is that you need to try and cater to their audience when it comes to your blog images.  So, for example, if you blog about food, make sure to include an awesome picture of the certain food you are blogging about because that is what the Pinterest audience(mostly women ages 25-39) loves to like, pin, and comment on.

You definitely want a very “pin-able” image because every repin means a new audience gets to see your pin.  How awesome is that?


5.  I send out my blog post to my email list.

blog post

According to most well payed bloggers, this is one of the best things you can do.  I believe this is as long as you have a targeted audience who will actually open your emails.


Hope this helps you out!  Let me know and link your blog in the comments! I’d love to check it out!






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