5 Quick Blogging Tips for Noobies

5 Quick Blogging Tips for Noobies

1. Building an E-mail List

This is so, so, so important.

The reason is because it is almost impossible to get paid from your blog, without a following.

How do you get a following?

You get a following from posting content, obtaining subscriptions, and having returning readers.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to have a website/blog up and running in order to build an e-mail list.

This is bullshit.

You need an account with Mailchimp, an e-mail address, a URL, and a coming soon landing page.

Super simple.

Once you have this, start by reaching out to your friends and family.

Remember, you aren’t selling them anything. Just asking them to follow the journey.

Most will do it, but some might need a little push with a favor, or even a lead magnet.

At the end of the day, if you’re considering a blog, YOU NEED to put serious effort in building an e-mail list.

The average subscription to your e-mail list will pay you $1.00 of income per month.

So, if you want a $10,000.00 income per month, you’ll need, on average, 10,000 subscriptions.

I truly believe your first 50-100 can be done from ground work on your end.

I hit up messengers, inboxes, knock on doors (just kidding), whatever I have to do to get subscriptions going in the beginning.

Don’t stress if this sounds like a pain in the ass.

It won’t always be like this.

Eventually you’ll be putting in add work, SEO, etc to get more of a natural, organic growth.

2. Be consistent.

I promise you, this is often overlooked.

Some people treat blogging like a sprint, when really it’s a marathon.

Don’t be the person who starts off out front, sprinting, and then loses momentum/motivation after the first 100 meters.

Be the person who’s constantly putting in the same effort.

It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month.

Just be consistent.

I could probably get away with blogging daily.

But, I have a system, and a lot on my plate.

My system is generally a blog post on Monday, a guest post on Friday, and possibly something mid week.

That’s generally it.

I don’t want to go out there and do 7 posts in 4 days, and then nothing for a month and a half after that.

Readers will get frustrated.

Returning numbers will decrease.

Some of my favorite sports blogs/podcasts have had periods of time where they became very inconsistent.

Not only did this hurt the likelihood of me hopping on their site every day, but some very mean tweets from yours truly went out to remind them of their errors.

I’d love to say I’m joking, but I’m not. I take my sports very seriously!

3. Provide Serious Value.

I know this is probably a given, but it needs to be said.

It’s important.

Remember, your readers can go anywhere.

They can go to any of the millions of blogs out there.

If you’re not providing serious value, stuff that they thoroughly enjoy, they probably won’t stick around long.

If they’re a subscriber, they’ll probably unsubscribe sooner than later.

It might seem difficult to constantly have good shit to talk about.

My recommendation for that, is to make sure at least once a week, if not once a day, you are searching the internet for popular subjects in your niche.

Remember, you don’t have to be first to talk about something.

Sports blogs, websites, and other sources talk about the same stuff, but just have different takes on it.

Just because one site talks about LeBron James and his big game last night, doesn’t mean every other site has to skip that topic.

Just give it it your unique take on the subject.

Make it yours.

4. Treat your e-mail list like royalty.

It’s easy to obtain subscriptions, and then forget about them.

I know this, because I’ve done it.

I got into blogging and already had a following.

Getting subscriptions wasn’t a difficult thing for me.

Keeping them engaged, was.

My recommendation is to always be testing and updating your automation so that you’re consistently giving out content, regardless of whether it’s actually from that day or not.

While that’s going, make sure they get first crack at blog posts, promotions, etc.

Remember, providing a world class customer experience is important.

The biggest mistake you can make, is thinking just because they haven’t paid you or enrolled in any programs, that they aren’t a potential customer.

Every subscriber means the world to me.

I want to keep them happy, keep them excited, and keep them returning.

I want to make sure they’re feeling good for giving me their e-mail address.

5. Be prepared to suck at this.

I’ve saved the best for last.

You aren’t going to be good right away.

This is fact. Don’t try and fight it.

I started writing for about 9 months before I realized I could actually make this a profession. 9 months! Not a dime.

Five months later I was at a six figure income.

The average person in blogging, like most professions, fails.

The reason behind this is a laundry list of reasons actually.

The most obvious reason is that they gave up too early.

Remember, the only way to guarantee failure is to give up.

Blogging is tough.

It is.

You can speed up your chances of success by obtaining a coach or joining a membership site.

But, regardless of what you decide to do, understand that these things take time. The longer you go, the closer you are to that breakthrough. Be consistent, be hard working, and be patient.

Success doesn’t happen over night.

With that said, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than running this blog.

It’s lead to so many opportunities.

You just need to realize, you’re going to suck for a bit.

If you’re expecting a short term ROI, you’re in the wrong profession.

Hopefully these 5 tips have helped put things into perspective!

If you’ve already started your blog recently, perhaps a couple of these can help put things back into perspective for you.

If you’re brand new, definitely remember these 5 tips while you get your blog going.


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