From $2,000 a year to $196,000 his third year, Robert Hollis Jr. Shares His Top Secrets

From $2,000 a year to $196,000 his third year, Robert Hollis Jr. Shares His Top Secrets

Robert Hollis Jr. "Don't spend any of your present with anybody you don't see yourself building a future with"
Jesse here.  I just first and foremost wanted to say that I am so excited to have Robert Hollis Jr. on the 7 Figure Dad Happy Hour but am even more excited to say that he will be contributing the first vlog post on the Happy Hour.  If you are looking to get fired up today, then you picked the perfect video to watch to get you in the mood.  This guy is on fire and has so much knowledge to bring to the table.  I am so excited for you to partake in this Friday’s Happy Hour!  Enjoy.

Robert Hollis Jr.’s Vlog for the Happy Hour is Below:


Key Take Aways from Robert Hollis Jr.’s Training:To make a full time income in MLM, to be a 7 Figure Dad, that takes commitment. It takes hard work. -Robert Hollis

  • Robert is a high school drop out his freshman year to become a professional skater.
  • You become who you hang around.
  • Misery love company, failure is not only accepted, it’s expected.
  • Don’t spend any of your present time with anybody you don’t see yourself building a future with.
  • Robert found a mentor to go out and learn this profession.
  • You need to have a mentor and a coach.
  • Robert’s first year in MLM, he made $2,000. His second year he cleared $10,000 for the entire year and his third year he made $196,000.
  • People have this misconception of it really takes to be a professional network marketer: This is not a get rich quick industry.
  • : Would Pinocchio make a good network marketer?
  • Commitment and Hard work
  • Don’t be the person that “tried” the industry.
  • If you have that mentality, there is no secret.  It’s hard work, hustle, and attitude.
  • Don’t wish this were easier, wish you were better.
  • When you focus on helping people, in return you have success.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness, but lifestyle and freedom does.
  • You have to find your “why.”

robert hollis jrRobert has a son and a daughter on the way.  Something I loved about Robert’s video is that he fully identifies as a parent and knows how to make his children his reason rather than his excuse.  It’s understandable to other parents why you are tired, and don’t have time for your business, but it’s not understandable to your kids.  Don’t let mediocrity and tiredness keep you from giving your children the lives that they deserve.

Make sure to listen to his story at the end of the video that every parent can relate to.  If that story doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will.

failure is not only accepted, it's expected. -Robert Hollis Jr


Hope you enjoyed this week’s Happy Hour.  You can learn more about Robert at  Don’t forget to comment on this post, share, and like it!  See you next week.


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