10 Top Apps for Network Marketers


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10. Groups By Qbix, Inc.

Apps for Network Marketers groups app

The Groups app is so perfect for network marketers.  It is by far, the best, easiest tool for communicating with your contacts.  It has been downloaded by 2.9 million people in over 100 countries around the world and is 100% free.  I personally use it to send out mass texts about company calls, webinars, meetings, or anything else I want to send to a large group of people.  I have them set up in the app as a group and all I have to do is click the group in the app and it already chooses the people in my contacts that are in my company.  So great.


9. ooVoo-Free Video Call, Text and Voice By ooVoo, LLC.

Apps for Network Marketers oovoo

I use ooVoo probably the most out of any video app.  The exact description is “with ooVoo you can make free, high-quality video calls, voice calls, and send text messages to easily connect with your friends and family. Make clear and crisp video calls with up to 12 people at a time, on any device.”  Honestly, it is just that.  I have recruited so many people using ooVoo because of the set up and how easy it is to have a group of people on a conference.  Personally, I like the structuring.  Instead of having the main person talking in a group meeting, everyone is the same size.  One of the cons about it, though, is that it lags a little more than the other video chats.  What’s awesome though, is that it syncs with your Facebook contacts, which makes things easier than ever.


8. WhatsApp

Apps for Network Marketers whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone’s Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to message and call friends and family.  WhatsApp is great for group chats, like top leaders or your group.  It’s also great for connecting internationally with team or prospects.  I have used it in the past to coordinate with leaders of similar rank to get speakers booked, and even get 3-way calls.


7. Evernote

Apps for Network Marketers 8
Evernote is perfect for taking notes while listening to top leaders’ periscopes, podcasts, trainings, events, etc.  It’s perfect for writing down notes or numbers and pretty much one of the top things I use.  In my opinion, everyone should be using Evernote.


6. Kindle by AMZN Mobile LLC

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Kindle is something my wife and I have used for years.  It’s perfect for all the Ebooks you buy.  Stuck at the DMV?  You now have all of your amazon online books at your fingertips.  Get caught up on Think and Grow Rich, start 21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership by John C. Maxwell, or even pick up a book on amazon and begin reading a new one.  Getting your ten pages in a day is now possible with Kindle.


5. GateGuru by Mobility Apps LLC

Pretty much an awesome app for any networker who has to travel. I have had to travel by plane pretty much the entire time that I have been doing MLM. This app is such an awesome app because it lets you know of gate changes, good food in the airport and what is close to you, and a lot more. I wish I had this app sooner.


4. Periscope by Twitter, Inc.

Apps for Network Marketers 3

Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers who can join, comment and send you hearts in real time. The more hearts you get, the higher they flutter on the screen.  Network marketers, internet marketers, coaches, etc. have been all over this app!  It is a great way to get yourself out there as a leader and tell people about you and what you do.  It is also a great platform to train your team for free!


3. Taxbot by Taxbot, LLC.

Apps for Network Marketers 2

Taxbot is a network marketer’s dream.  If you haven’t started thinking about your taxes, it’s time to start thinking about them now.  Here is a video my wife did a few years back on the benefits of TaxBot


2. Google Hangouts by Google, Inc.


Google Hangouts is an awesome app for network marketers.  Use it to train, do one-on-ones, meetings, masterminds, calls, etc. All you need is a gmail!

1. Your Network Marketing Company’s App!

Apps for Network Marketers 1
Yes!  You should DEFINITELY have your network marketing company’s app on your phone!  Most allow you to sign up a distributor or customer right then and there, check your commissions, check your active downline, and many other perks.  So, if you’re not sure if your company has one, search for it on the app store!


Hope this list helped you!  What apps did I miss?

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